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Selina Olden : Ya Santa actually isn't real ._____________. It's just parents who give ya presents.. (anyone who believes please don't start arguing with me :\)
mmdexter1 : Salt x OJ. SalOJ. I ship It
misses kitty : santa is a flash of light nowone knows this accept me and my 14 yr old brother we set up a camrea over night santa was so fast we had to edit and slow down the tape and he was still to fast im rlly rlly sick of people who think santa isn't real just because they dont belive in santa claus cause maybe ur family isn't christian im not christian and he still comes why cause i belive in him my mum was sleeping my dad was sleeping the camrea was set i learnt that u cant change anyones oppions so i rlly dont care if u disagree with me its ur problem if u dont agree with me i rlly dont care ;3
Lorena Tanedo : oh yeah and what's the song at 3:49 =3
xx Bronte xx : This is like battle for dream island 
Megan Wang : Who believes in Santa? I don't
Objectjunk official : I wish lightbulb wasn't eliminated...
Andrea Ward : Bow