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Cloud seeding in the Texas panhandle.

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Cloud seeding in the Texas panhandle.

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A video I made of cloud seeding in west Texas. Rainfall enhancement project covering 4 million acres using Piper Comanches and a Cessna 340. Hope you enjoy.

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Todd West : some of us do not like to be lied to...cloud seeding, geo-engineering, fine....denying it is called lying......evidence points to more than old school cloud seeding. If that is all it is, then "cloud seeding" has caused serious problems here in the US, the stuff isn't stayin the air, it is coming down, making people sick and polluting the soil.....your the only nutjob idiot who does not understand this, or I should say there are alot of you.
MrGopherhead : "cloud seeding" has caused serious problems here in the US. Where have you shown any such thing to be be true? Fact is you haven't. "The stuff isn't staying in the air, it is coming down, making prople sick" Where have you shown any such thing to be true, That' s right, you haven't. "polluting the soil". Again, not once has a single one of you retarded fucksticks ever shown the soil to be polluted, not one fucking single time!!!!!! THE ignorant assumptions you idiots continuously make and ~~
KJBPSkipper : Explain it to me,please.And,do you think the goverments are messing with the outcome of the weather to further thier agendas?
ThunderHead72 : Oh do you ever have a cool job!!! Is this through Weather Modification Inc. or is this another company that you work for? Piper Aircraft are awesome, btw, I got my multi in a PA-30 Twin Comanche...awesome video, two of my favourite songs to boot!
Chad Gerard : europe the final countdown
MrHerbert1270 : This is what i'am talking about but without silver oxide, to stop severe storms on the dry side intake and higher up were a jet is needed, the government knows!
KJBPSkipper : It does work to an extent,but I kinda agree with you,we should not be messing with the natural process of things,I look at it as fucking with god himself,not a great idea,sure he will win.
nmfirepilot : Funny seeing the chemtrail nuts coming here, and freaking out over a small prop plane that seeds an already existing thunderstorm, to try and get a little more rain to come out.