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Let's Listen: Final Fantasy IX - Zorn & Thorn's Theme (Extended)

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Let's Listen: Final Fantasy IX - Zorn & Thorn's Theme (Extended)

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OST: "Jesters Of The Moons". My FFIX Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4377E010E89E48B0

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Mursamunelegend : only definition for these to: yoda joined the circus and got cloned and the clone talks weird 
ConorMcG : These 2 gave me the biggest mindfuck ever as a kid. Wondering why they kept repeating everything. I thought the game was broken.
muskiebetweendoors1 : I found these two to be quite entertaining. Entertaining, I found these two.
jeremiah roth : More like they cut kefka in to 
Zantetsu : Fantastic nod to Kefka, these two are.
Travis Gibbons : If they ever decided to make another Dissidia game, I'd fall in love if Zorn and Thorn were playable characters. Much like the Super Smash Bros. Ice Climbers. The two are strongest when they are together. Using spells such as meteorite, Light Flare, as well as other spells they best resemble their colors and powers. You can select one brother or the other. Zorn (Blue) using a variety of ice and bluish colored magic. Thorn (red) Using Fire and other red colored magic. One of their main abilities is a charge spell that they can trade off the charge for their trademark spells Zorn: Meteorite Thorn: Light Flare. The Charge can be canceled by attacking the twin with the charge. Their limit can be fusion, where the two court jesters fuse to become Meltigemini. Making their charge spell uninterruptable, as well as have their limit be either a fusion of Meteorite/Light Flare (Cosmetic Impact) , or using Viral Smoke to sicken their target with a virus that makes bravery harder to collect, as well as lose health over time. They are not huge bosses, but certainly a kind with my routes to choose for being twins of the moons.
Stellan Riffle : Easily my favorite NPCs in the game. I love that whole back story thing about their true form.
amyvitality66 : This soundtrack is awesome! Awesome soundtrack this is!