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ConorChaos : These 2 gave me the biggest mindfuck ever as a kid. Wondering why they kept repeating everything. I thought the game was broken.
muskiebetweendoors1 : I found these two to be quite entertaining. Entertaining, I found these two.
Cabamsoo LP : Each of their bosses were very interestingly different from the others. Interestingly different from the others were each of their bosses.
TheKingMeep : Descendants of Kefka...or halves...
27danjel : ¡Yo soy Ton, pífate! ¡Yo soy Son, páfate!
amyvitality66 : This soundtrack is awesome! Awesome soundtrack this is!
Zantetsu : Fantastic nod to Kefka, these two are.
dingutscal : I find them hilarious... and the music mix between circus parade and western saloon jig fits simply perfect... ;) perfect it fits simply...^^