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Ron Bein : When my computer is having issues I just fix it with tape. 
TechniSpace : my antivirus is showing it as virus
John Endean : Have you tried using your katana?
Giuseppe Alb : Perfect, thanks a lot
martinzopetazo : @KageNoAku Avira Free Ed
That Sodding Gamer : Well, I just tried it in Handbrake and I had no problems converting .flv videos. I was using youtube rips to test. Maybe the source does affect it (IE: Some FLVs from non-youtube sources).
Mr Kane : can u suggest me which encoder works the best? I used to use Windows Media Encoder but not really sure if there's better one.. I'm downloading AVS Video Converter atm but any idea if that's better?
MajorFoley1 : hey man, the compression is great, i had 76 fraps file worth 298gb and using this got it down to 4gb with great quality at 1080P, the problem is when i upload to youtube at the end it says failed to convert video file and im kinda little pissed off because this is the 2nd time i tried uploading it (i had to use the option virtualdub hack too or the video would be out of sync) a little help please?