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I2apid-Gaming : so basically you changed your strategy to headglitch to fuck? LOL
BORZGANGCOD : you muder fucking titty sucking two balledbicth noahamoroso
Calvin Sleurink : wow u miss a lot
Johnny Torres : You suck
NumbDesigns : lower your sensitivity you will do better
Tim V : I found the best QS tip ever! Take a piece of tape and put it in the middle of ur crosshairs on the tv, then take a sharpie and draw a little circle where ur shot is gonna go. Then when u QS put the guy behind that dot and he will die
TFGhostsoldier82 : 0:42 1:00 1:10 1:15 1:25 1:45 2:42 4:00 and on all headglich. a headglitch is where u can only see the other person head and u cant hit them. its pussy haha
HEROxB0X360 : Any Xbox players I'm not the best quick scoper but I'm trying to get better send HEROxB0X 360 a message and in between the B and X of box is a zero