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How to ROOT your Boost Mobile ZTE Warp

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How to ROOT your Boost Mobile ZTE Warp

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**UPDATE FOR 03/2012 = http://androidforums.com/warp-all-things-root/509853-root-after-b08c-update-should-also-work-earlier-builds.html** THIS VIDEO WILL NOT WORK SO FOLLOW THIS THREAD FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Knoxville363/330978143585309 WINRAR - http://download.cnet.com/WinRAR-32-bit/3000-2250_4-10007677.html WEBSITE - http://androidforums.com/warp-all-things-root/449542-acs-one-click-root-warp.html shout out to ANDROIDFORUMS.COM AND INTERDPTH -Make sure you download the drivers to your pc (check your add/remove programs for the ZTE drivers for confirmation) -Make sure you extract the folder instead of double clicking the zipped warp drive folder -Make sure you are in USB debugging mode on your phone (android character top left corner) -Do NOT put your phone in USB mode -Make sure you right click and run as admin for the actual tool -Make sure you see the script say GINGERBREAK which will confirm the process is correct -You WILL see failed messages so do NOT panic when you see those. -Upon reboot, you should have superuser....if this did not work use this (method by Leftnut) ok as long as you have debugging enabled on your phone and the proper drivers installed so the computer recognizes the phone were in good shape. right click on the folder where u extracted the zip of warpdrive should say "warpdrive" by default. select "cut" Open windows explorer goto your "c:" drive once inside "paste" the folder there. it should now be located at c:\warpdrive Now press windowskey + R this will bring up the run prompt Type "cmd" press enter Once in dos type "cd c:\warpdrive" if done correctly the heading should read c:\warpdrive (you can type "dir" to make sure the files are there) Finally just type "warpdrive.bat" follow directions and hit any key when its done phone should reboot if done correctly.

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Matthew Brown : will you please make a video on how to flash a custom recover on the zte warp n860?
adriana ruless. : yeah didnt work i clicked on the link and it took me to page not found
Chris Philpott : Hey I'm wanting to know how I can take off the goggle bar on my 4g warp cell phone cuz it just looks tacky.. Thanks 
Emanuel Bautista : But i don't got a computer ;(
Raymond Pendleton : My video is easy on how to root this phone check it out
Raymond Pendleton : My video is easy on how to root this phone check it out
SergioGaming : So how can you take screenshots knoxville363?
Trevor B : he removed the files from the forum there gone error 404