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Ilyas Khokhar : Excellent recitation. Very Touching! Does anybody know who is the reciter_
Alimurtazaize : hum log is noha per zanjer zani karta han. SALAM YA HUSSAIN
malemodel4 : @Usman. Read sahi Bukhari if you need a laugh
iloveanr : MashahAllah Allah Ya Ali kahnyi walo ko hamishah Abbad rukhyi Ya Ali Madad
Blackash92 : @syedraza555 salamz, well i saw ur comment a while back n wanted to reply.,...this noha is said to be first recited by angels (yeah feristay!...heres how i kno n i truely believe granddad was a great shia and loved imam Hussain(a.s) and the is he who told my mom....well where granddad used to bring out the JALOOS...a few 'people' came upto him (people he had never seen before n not from that village)
6667686 : @Momeenah
Qamber Ali : Now I am 41 years old, I heard this noha in Lahore when I was 4 or 5 years old, since then I was looking for this noha, thank you so much for posting this noha, may Allah be pleased be with Anwar Ali Buzdar, the reciters and the person who post this noha on the youtube. today I feel myself 5 years old once gain, and my heart is full of love of Imam Husain (as) and tears in eyes. (YA HUSAIN MAZLOOM)
chakwal2288 : MASHALLAH ,great noha ,mola salmat rakhay