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Jussara Riveros : Unforgettable!
Pavel Esin : Oh goodness people calm down about the women in pink! She's beautiful and so is the music! Just listen and suck in this beautiful sound... Personally I'm doing this in my schools music group and I need this video for help, and it helped! I fell in love right away! As soon as I heard his violin play, and everyone else is absolutely amazing at this piece of music! It's a wonder how a person could come to think of this and arrange it all and accomplish this, I absolutely love it.
bluewren Reilly : What's not to like the music is great the lady in pink is a little out if place but then she is Andre's choice So settle with the jealousy bit will you .Such a handsome devil too isn't he and how he uses those wonderful clear Nordic eyes!!!mmmnnnn.
szaszikor : it's true
catepilarr : the music is absolutely lovely, but dont like the lady in pink at the beginning!
tonydaigor : Beautiful piece.
megapowergirl100 : sehr schön :)
ken hake : I liked this very much.