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Chris Pappas : If it's such a secret, why does the video exist on youtube of all places?
Slim Broadcaster : This fake, pls don't see it
Mateusz Kowalski : Why looks like USA's X-43? By accident? Really?
Dark Spartan HD : 7m + people saw it such secret 
verxintRising : "A part of Northern Italy that is now modern day Serbia" What?
Mithgal Fayez : it is not so secret anymore now , is it .
brianbirc : It looks like it was to stealthy to fly well with the computer tech at the time. It may have been the flying wing/stealth bomber of Rusia
SIG442 : If this thing would have been realised. The world could still be in a cold war or worse. This bomber may well have changed the tide for good. BUT! The oceans are rarely calm and there is nowhere ice thick enough to land on besides the poles. So the design for this design is actually flawed. even so much that it could have costed a lot of lives on the Russian side without this thing even arriving in the US