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Shazaib Khan : Hasan sadiq aap geoo Mola aap ko salamat rakhe
Shah Jee :
Ish reen : Oh yaar tum mamma ho inn key jo tumhe itni knowlege hai Hsaan Sahib ki drugs problem key baare mein we know him personly and he took drugs (charas) yes but bohaat saaloo ki baat hai yeh now he is totally clean so plzZZZ stop writing this typ of comments -.- AND you SHY im sorry aar ap ko bura laga ho key maine rudely baat ki ho to sorry but ap ko iss tarha kissi bhi insaan pe comment nahi karna chahiye if you have no idea who and what he is :( Plzz its a request
sheesabidi : this is not this year's nauha
Khalid Khan : Don't have that. Search for His or Nadeem Sarwar's Nouhaas. Usually their videos are produced by Thar Production (TP).They should have his number. Contact at info@tharproduction(.)com(.)pk. TP is based in based in Mirpur Khas (Sind Province) Pakistan. TP contact numbers are +92-233-873840, 875262, 875574, Cell: +92-345-3711111 (Telenor Network in Pakistan that is Uninor in India). TP have their website too. Search in google: tharproduction(dot)com(dot)pk
shy bins : I'm sorry, plz accept my apology... I had just a rumor and was in denial and shocked.. I wasn't implying that he does drugs! it's none of my business, and moreover it's no body's business what ppl do with their lives in their private life. I'm not saying anything of sort regarding drugs ect. He's my most favorite noha reciter, I love his nohas and voice to death, in fact his nohas hit the core of my soul and make me cry blood. I'm sorry about the missunderstang. Ya Ali Madad.
pakistan1114 : why u give wrong title ... plz stop this ... this one is not this year noha ...