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Admiral Akbar : common huntsman is much more dangerous in Australia.
Tastentier : All videos and docus about allegedly very dangerous animals are more than a little sensationalist, especially when it comes to spiders. Let's look at the facts: There have been no fatal spider bites in Australia since 1981. The Australian funnel-web spiders are an entire subfamily with many species, most of which are harmless. Only six species produce a venom that is strong enough to affect humans. And only one of these, namely the Sydney funnel-web spider, has a venom that is potentially lethal. This species only lives in a 100 km / 60 miles radius around Sydney. Only the males of this species produce strong venom, and its effect on the human body depends on many factors (such as the amount of venom injected, location of the bite, its proximity to main veins and arteries, age and health condition of the person bitten etc.) It is estimated that only 10% of all bite victims receive enough venom to cause serious health problems. On top of all this, these spiders aren't anywhere near as aggressive as people believe. Their warning posture with their fangs on full display doesn't signal an impending attack, it simply means "go away, I don't want to waste my precious venom on you". Spiders need their venom to hunt for food and only use it for self defense purposes when they feel cornered or seriously threatened. Bottom line: Out of all venomous animals, spiders are the least concern. Even in Australia.
Josh Houston : Oh look a deadly spider that can kill you in 15 minutes let me pick up the leaf then put this bitch in the pool and after I can save it so it won't drown. 
TheLondonForever00 : Total respect for Australians after watching this. You guys are badass!
Dark Nova : Ok ok, we can take the spider out of the water so it won't drown... SO WE CAN BURN IT INSTEAD
roytuxrue : A ticket straight to Nopeville
Cee Note : Does anyone have a large rock I can borrow?