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Stefan Held : AMAZING!!
Mimi Musse : i wonder what she is doing now
TheTerminalExpress : She needs to remember this song. In ten years, when her voice is bigger and stronger, and when she knows what this song is about, she will sing it better than anybody. Sorry, Ms. Hudson.
Zachia Evans : goddamn 
fdjizm : That 11yr just blew that place away, are you on drugs? don't internet anymore.
saquoiah hemmelgarn : amazing!!!!!!!
michijidi : OH MY!!!! she's amazing!!!
Basketball1011995 : I love her! This is amazing! I have this song on my iPod by her and I listen to it all the time! It's awesome! Her rendition is my favorite. And yes I have heard Charice Pempengco's version so no need in telling me to go watch her's. I agree, she is also an amazing singer, I just perfer Bianca's version.