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Margueritecaprine Mont : fantastique non?
USERNAMEfieldempty : Fly, thought, on wings of gold; go settle upon the slopes and the hills, where, soft and mild, the sweet airs of our native land smell fragrant! Greet the banks of the Jordan and Zion's toppled towers... Oh, my country, so beautiful and lost! Oh, remembrance, so dear and so fatal! Golden harp of the prophetic seers, why dost thou hang mute upon the willow? Rekindle our bosom's memories, and speak to us of times gone by! Mindful of the fate of Jerusalem, give forth a sound of crude lamentation, or may the Lord inspire you a harmony of voices which may instill virtue to suffering.
humboldt777 : I would have loved to have the voice and be in a chorus like this one singing Va Pensiero!
Leonardo Domingues : Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donatella M. :
Antonio Fernández : -Excelente !!, ... de mi amiga Mercedes.
Héctor Bassi :
Lotfi Frigi :