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iliyanmk : La Bardot era un gioiello,amche la loren era un gioiello....falso.
Cyrus Smiley : :)
Eleonora Zichinolfi : As kind of beauty i prefer Brigitte Bardot,but Sophia Loren was and still today is more beautiful than her
durgaaa : @grigrietmercury - what a cute song by a very cute voice!
Ahmedabdelreheem : yeah. i'm with you. but she had it on *smaller* level!
grigrietmercury : thanks
grigrietmercury : thanks for your com! you're right everybody has different taste! they are both beautiful! the first is "Zoo be zoo" by Sophia Loren
durgaaa : I don't think Sept 28 is Virgo. Pretty sure it's Libra. But the montage is great. My favorite three when I was a teenager included these plus Raquel Welch born 1940. I was born in '51- they in '34.