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Giant Alligator of Arkansas

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Giant Alligator of Arkansas

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In the southern most part of Arkansas . there are storys of Giant alligators. that range from 16 - 20 feet...supposedly there are 3 - 5 of them....... heres one of them

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bbughtiful : That just blows my mind! I went to UCA too in the early 80's but never saw any then. My friends and I used to ski on the AR river. It never crossed my mind that we could run up on an alligator! I'm going to have to go down south and find them. I'd love to see some... just not unexpectedly...LOL! Thanks for you reply :)
danny bair : I'm from Louisiana and I live in the swamps and the biggest I've had is 14
SIMPLYTEETS : @Delticola O for sure. My uncle found a Skull of and alligator in a gator swamp that was 5 feet long alone.
erwintommy : Insane to have wild gators period.
hoodoowoman : You are braver than me my friend. I grew up in the LA swamps and played chicken with some 12 footers as a kid. No thank you!! There are some 16 -20 footers there too! Thank you for doing this and letting us chickens watch! Khat
SafariClubUSA : Ill have to check that out, sounds fun!
SafariClubUSA : I enjoy the heck out of it ! Hopefully this summer I will find one en larger!!!! your welcome to go with us if you want ;)
MsBobdylanfan : I spent the first 25 years of my life in Little Rock. My dad would take us fishing on Lake Maumelle (way before the housing developments were there) and we would always see a few (talking late 1960s). I went to college at U.C.A. and several times I remember traffic being stopped near Maumelle with a big gator trying to cross the highway. Tar Camp Park in Redfield has a few gators too. It is on the Arkansas River south of L.R. WIth temperatures rising I have a feeling they will be visiting you!