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Nexter Narwhal remotely operated naval gun system

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Nexter Narwhal remotely operated naval gun system

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Building upon the experience gained in the sphere of naval, very light weight gun mounts (15A/15B) and in the technologies used for helicopter gun turrets (THL20/THL30), Nexter Systems has developed a remotely operated naval system called NARWHAL®. This remotely operated NARWHAL® system is easy to install on any types of ships to ensure proper defense in case of piracy or terrorist acts at sea, anywhere in the world. With this remote operation capability, the NARWHAL® system allows a reduced crew to use - under protection - the fire power of the 20mm gun, which gives it determining instantaneous stopping power in case of terrorist attacks, complete with a firing range that allows the crew to operate while remaining out of reach of the machine guns used by the pirates.

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saburu sakai : I assume it's 25mm. Nice weapon.
Tommy Newman : What caliber is this?? If it's 30mm or more, then I'm gonna say screw the Bushmaster!
beaggyboy : Good gun system,fantastic stability-translates into good accuracy.Its elevation however,I feel badly needs revamping into one with perhaps a longer fork-arm or that the gun mount positions be moved further aback in order to accentuate higher gun barrel point elevation to defend against top-down dive-attack ordnance such as AGM-65 Mavericks,Kh-29 Kedges or even French own Matra Durandals & AGM-88 HARMs.The current one as can be seen here,simply has only very limited elevation,hope Nexter resolve this drawback in order to better its selling position
jr lion : +diasirea i also agree
DumbDuck44 : The United States navy has shot over four hundred and sixty two narwhal's to date with this weapon, keeping our shores safe from aquatic invasion. Occasionally a beluga is shot by accident due to mistaken identity, but such are casualties of war.
P G : Any way to put this on a whitewater Raft on the Colorado River? Some competition starting for Beaches to pull out and have lunch on...
esplorantes : wow...great weapon...! ...But positioned incorrectly, obviously it's a personal view point... a weapon like this should cover up the ship until a pair of yards from the broadside.
backwoodsbully : Looks to be A cost effective weapon too.