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shades2 : This will prove useful against the Loch Ness monster
Rox Malar : French navy will equip BPC dixmude, tonnerre and mistral with this gun...I think others ships of french navy use the narwahl.
saburu sakai : I assume it's 25mm. Nice weapon.
Brian Anders : FUCK BALLOONS
Zak جوال البدوي : How far could it hit? 
XxBADSANTAxX : that gyro-stabilization is scary all by itself, love it! awesome vid!
DumbDuck44 : The United States navy has shot over four hundred and sixty two narwhal's to date with this weapon, keeping our shores safe from aquatic invasion. Occasionally a beluga is shot by accident due to mistaken identity, but such are casualties of war.
Tommy Newman : What caliber is this?? If it's 30mm or more, then I'm gonna say screw the Bushmaster!