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saburu sakai : I assume it's 25mm. Nice weapon.
XxBADSANTAxX : that gyro-stabilization is scary all by itself, love it! awesome vid!
DumbDuck44 : The United States navy has shot over four hundred and sixty two narwhal's to date with this weapon, keeping our shores safe from aquatic invasion. Occasionally a beluga is shot by accident due to mistaken identity, but such are casualties of war.
Tommy Newman : What caliber is this?? If it's 30mm or more, then I'm gonna say screw the Bushmaster!
P G : Any way to put this on a whitewater Raft on the Colorado River? Some competition starting for Beaches to pull out and have lunch on...
esplorantes : wow...great weapon...! ...But positioned incorrectly, obviously it's a personal view point... a weapon like this should cover up the ship until a pair of yards from the broadside.
beaggyboy : Good gun system,fantastic stability-translates into good accuracy.Its elevation however,I feel badly needs revamping into one with perhaps a longer fork-arm or that the gun mount positions be moved further aback in order to accentuate higher gun barrel point elevation to defend against top-down dive-attack ordnance such as AGM-65 Mavericks,Kh-29 Kedges or even French own Matra Durandals & AGM-88 HARMs.The current one as can be seen here,simply has only very limited elevation,hope Nexter resolve this drawback in order to better its selling position
Flop Flip : I need one for home defense