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LondonDisperses : My aunt and I got into a fight similar to this at our town council meeting. They put the whole incident in the Buffalo News the next day and even though we almost got thrown out of the meeting, the town I live in changed its resolution based on what we said... and.. uh.. yelled. Unfortunately, it's the only way you can get through to these thick people sometimes.
Jon Kirby : One lady set a good example, good citizen. One set poor example, bad council member.
MarkusMiser : Ha ha... the nice calm music at the end fits right in there.
Peculiar Potato : And end scene! Time for tacos.
Fred Finizzi : body language and facial expressions the lady arguing is guilty of lying.
bobdroidx : Kindergartners behave better than these people!
HiSpeedDrifter : Can we just agree to stop voting for these brain dead criminals?
rightwinger teapartyer : it sure looks like the two guys are slimey as they come change the subject to stop the looking into the case any more now is that not funny!