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Bjorn Duphot : Mariah is not the only one who can hit those amazing notes!!! This is a must watch!!!! Bj-
Amethyste Spardel : holy crap. What control... So gorgeous and accomplished. <3
Kloiber Andreas : A short trip to the highest range of the human voice;-) With us are travelling: *Mado Robin*, *Mady Mesplé*, *Lily Pons*, *Silvia Voinea*, *Anna Moffo*, *Beverly Sills*, *Luciana Serra*, *Edda Moser*, *Edita Gruberova*, *Joan Sutherland*, *June Anderson*, *Mariella Devia*, *Ruth Ann Swenson*, *Natalie Dessay*, *Elisabeth Vidal*, *Diana Damrau*, *Desirée Rancatore*, *Jessica Pratt*,and *Maria Aleida Rodriguez* ENJOY!!!
Ivan Santana : Wonderful
Mcqeen Maxim : กรี๊ดดดด
oldschooldrumcorps : Wow, Once upon a time you could actually have seen performances like these legendary coloraturas on TV, on prime time shows....
Laura Ciocoiu : Opera is one of the places where women cannot be silent :) So beautiful ! Thank you!
Miguel Angel Fernández : What note is at 0:52 ? it is absolutely impresive. Is it whistle register?