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Kloiber Andreas : A short trip to the highest range of the human voice;-) With us are travelling: *Mado Robin*, *Mady Mesplé*, *Lily Pons*, *Silvia Voinea*, *Anna Moffo*, *Beverly Sills*, *Luciana Serra*, *Edda Moser*, *Edita Gruberova*, *Joan Sutherland*, *June Anderson*, *Mariella Devia*, *Ruth Ann Swenson*, *Natalie Dessay*, *Elisabeth Vidal*, *Diana Damrau*, *Desirée Rancatore*, *Jessica Pratt*,and *Maria Aleida Rodriguez* ENJOY!!!
Alejandro Blanco : COLORATURES .. like to having an apreciation of .. this awsome reality of capacity of scales in voice drwawing cansona, aria, soneto, .. or any as OPERA to giving in teh enjoying of passion as most ever capacities.. .. over all times there were so large list of all as womens as mens who gaven a so precious moments to enjoy as get in motion over this all acts of art so couls having bests ever to emoton to carry about so precious as greater vioices to viging the performances of all as meant SO SPECIAL PREICOUS ARTS WHCIH EVEN NOW WE CAN EE IS SO APRECIATABLE like so much other.. but.. OPERA.. were and is a icon of PROFESSIONALISM and much other in PERFORMANCES SO CLASSIC AS REFINNED and much more in this all to say ... something of AWSOME VOICES IN SOPRANOS IN LONG TIME WE HAVE AS SINCE THIS BECAME A VERY POPULAR ARTS AND ACCENT OF MUCH WHO APRECIATED THE CAPACITIES AND ALL AS REALITY MEN AS WOMAN CAN GIVE IN SO AWSOME MOMENTS OFF HUMANITY WE AL HAVE IN LIFE.. ALEJANDRO MARIO BLANCO REDEMI 03-03-14 .. 13:19 CABA-ARGENTINA.
Lexi Leash : who is the first singer who hits the B flat?
amanda kay : i don't what it is about this type of singing, it makes me weep like a little baby, it's so stunningly beautiful.
L Nieto : o____________o oh my god
Archiduc De Belgrade : This is such a wonderful video. Amazing. Thank You for sharing Your work with Us.:)
Alex Maximo : Pos me caso
Amethyste Spardel : holy crap. What control... So gorgeous and accomplished. <3