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Laura Ciocoiu : Opera is one of the places where women cannot be silent :) So beautiful ! Thank you!
Calvin375 : Why isn't Maria Callas on this video? She had several vocal classifications until they settled for Dramatic Coloratura Soprano.
Amethyste Spardel : holy crap. What control... So gorgeous and accomplished. <3
smmurden : Is it me, or was Isolier played by a woman?
Kloiber Andreas : A short trip to the highest range of the human voice;-) With us are travelling: *Mado Robin*, *Mady Mesplé*, *Lily Pons*, *Silvia Voinea*, *Anna Moffo*, *Beverly Sills*, *Luciana Serra*, *Edda Moser*, *Edita Gruberova*, *Joan Sutherland*, *June Anderson*, *Mariella Devia*, *Ruth Ann Swenson*, *Natalie Dessay*, *Elisabeth Vidal*, *Diana Damrau*, *Desirée Rancatore*, *Jessica Pratt*,and *Maria Aleida Rodriguez* ENJOY!!!
jazmin hernandez : they sing like a bird
Roo Bookaroo : I'd be nice to have a list of all the sopranos in the header with the titles of their songs (and if it is not too much to ask from your capabilities, the name of the work it comes from. Too much to ask? Too much for your abilities as a researcher?
Lina Valencia : GENIAL!!!! :O