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Eddie Icelander : I'm sorry, but I just crack up at that part where Tony says 'You're thinking too much' and her expression is like 'Wow, nobody ever accused me of thinking too *much* before!' :p
LaneKSwenson : she got eliminated for THAT?!?!?!?
Nathan Marquis : For shows like this to vote u can only blame the people
Vinicius Soares : Quando que o A&E estreará Audrina Patridge ou não nas férias da Jessica Stroup ou Eva Mendes e agora
AIChamp08 : @NYChica23 Well the judges didn't give them low scores that week. They were 2nd from the top of the leaderboard that week. People just didn't vote for them.
Gabriela Mallo : @LaneKSwenson And it wasn't even her fault...the producers picked a terrible song for Tony to choreograph to ♥♥
arude : She didn't do too badly, but the choreography was kinda crap. It's not Tony's fault...well, not entirely. The song is difficult to choreograph to.