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GEORGE M SWAGGER : Allowed Me to enlighten You! #Banned #Message #Powerful #WethePeople
John Rue : People have told me that "Ron Paul is to old to be president". My response is. Ron Paul in office as president of The United States would be worth more than all previous presidents who have served the office.
mykl mokriakow : Wonderful video...people through out time have been sayin what Ron Paul believes and have fought for decades. The ideas of actual liberty are becoming popular once again...join the rEVOLution!
Dennis Drake :
Scott Torino :
David Reed : Must see!!
ilyas ramdane : if this man become a president he will bring peace to all nations
TheNeoIlluminatus : Are you insane, Labtroll? This is a RP vid-that makes YOU the troll...too dang stoopid to fingure even that out? It's thanks to idiots like yourself that we now-4 the 1st time ever-count our Nat'l debts in Trillions...thx, doofus. ugh!