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Stewart M : you can see just as she's stepping onto the left foot she had a very slight skid before the actual fall that I think threw her weight off balance
wsfggf : @HelTra91 yeah I totally agree on that mao is a top skater that can't be compared to someone as sasha or irena..... it's a crime to even mention mao in the same entence as sasha or irena...
P Julie. : Excuse me, Yuna's technical score was higher in the fs as 64.82, it was the pcs score that was lower than Mao(58.56).That was SO unexpected, she always got more than 60 at other competitions. Another fact: 1~3's total scores were only about 1 point apart each. So if Yuna had recieved her rightful cps score, who knows? So don't say those bullshit things so easily if you don't want to show off your empty big head, figure is not just about how many triple jumps they do, you know. LOL
mikitavi : "Now, that's gonna take some coming back from", said the commentator. She came back (with a vengeance) about 3 seconds after that fall.
Carlos Truffaut : No doubt that Mao deserved This title! Peggy Fleming said: well deserved! Sorry, yuna fans.
SEIGINOSIMIN58 : 真央ちゃんの演技にいつも素晴らしいコメントくださるユーロスポ­ーツは大好きです。これも真央ちゃんが持っている可能性に自然に­期待してしまっているのかなって思ってしまいますね。
lucyluluzeng : cant help loving her, although it is not her best time the recent two seasons, we still expect to see her coming back with her true colour!