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David Williams : There's no boot screen?!?
Nathan55411 : The start button doesn't work :(
martin espinoza : it unworks for me
Kyle Lopez : This video made in happy new year
minh ngọc trần : that closing speed remind me of XP before i swich to linux 
NevEd : Windows 8.1 is a legit crap edition made by microsoft themselves. For some reason my amd a6 apu processor is always at a high percentage of usage and it pisses me the fuck off. And i am having real problems with my file explorer and the file explorer in audacity I cant browse to folders and files with the arrow keys! What! And win update dont work either. Cant wait til I get mac.
mco corporation : why are you using windows instead of mac os x for the host machine
Giovanni Mugnai : LOL. This remember me Windows Millennium Edition!