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Ry thaGamer : Not sure how I discovered Fink, but so glad I did.
Jeremy DeCoste : Move On Me Fink
Ying Gao : 12 years a slave
Nadine Ehrenreich : yes
Smoothy Deroboter : Shake, shake, Should have learned Get that close and you might get burned Sweet heat and the sweet lies So betrayed by the look in your eyes That look I know so well It's a heaven with a taste of hell On your lips and down within Drown my soul, baby let it begin
Ana Mladenovska : You never know with music... you could feel it! (Track 112) *This guy is amazing... it's the mood I'm in at the moment...
paul w : Continuum Season 1 Episode 8 July 22 2012 “Playtime”
Maria Ts : Fink - Move On Me