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Offroading Pro : Hey race boy why you revving your quad so much? It's not a fucking 2 stroke, it will idle.
88s10Durango : no helmut ???????????????
Ilike CABRIOLET : Hello, Après que notre collègue ce soit fait casser la tête en faisant un tonneau arrière, ils y en a qui ont mit des casques, des gants et des bottes renforcées. Mais pour le collègue c'était trop tard. Hello After our colleague to be done to break the head by a rear barrel, they are those who have put helmets, gloves and reinforced boots. But for the colleague it was too late.
Monel Funkawitz : Where is the steepest hill ever to be climbed? All I see is old dudes riding up a bump.
keenanleetodd : talk about a false title
Jed 429 : Oh u fucking deserve your upcoming head injury.
kraden18 : cute hill
Jose Peres : my banshee would beat ur 450