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jestermoua : hahahh...he need to hook up a trailer to that truck and find dem 40 some odd horses he's missing...
mpayneclassictrucks : I think there 15" Crager wheels, but I am checking with the associate editor to see what there actually are.
rojas2010 : great question!
7KAYJAY7 : at 0:10 u can hear the 4 barrel kicking in
vettelover2009 : @jdubcbr600 now now...they do make carb manifolds for the LS engine family
2 Rangz : how much would one of these cost and how the would i go about getting one? ot is it something that you gotta do on your own?
Josh Weatherly : @7KAYJAY7 Secondaries, are you fucking serious? There is no carb on top of that LS1. Besides, even if there were it would more than likely be a double pumper where the secondaries dont "kick" in.
diego deganis : nice truck ,, i invited you to see my pickup Chevrolet c10 on my page ,,, thanks