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Chriscotl : thanks great vid, 1 quiestion when you license your product what percentage of sales do you ask for? i havnt got a clue.
larrylie88 : @rob92376 You need 2 keep thing like this 2 yourself. I not tring 2 be funny or nothing. People will still that idea.
Frantzie Guerrier : Like to be a contestant on "sharktank"
DucTateWallets : i make duct tape wallets
rob92376 : I got a idea a necklace bottle opener your wear around your neck for parties. Small enough to carry. The bottle opener you can put fake diamonds on it dip it in gold put different colors on it an logos. The lace you can make plastic or just different designs on it.
LordMonkeyBallz : I have a generatoridea! The generator can power a car and dont have to recharge!!! It is like an electric car that doesnt need to cahrge all the time!!!! I have it on paper!
Landon Hughes : Be a contestant on "sharktank"
Frantzie Guerrier : would like to share my products, invention to "sharktank"contact me at