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Axel Engeland : Das hat sie gemocht. Sehr.
nyc1rob : meat owes his career to Todd Rundgren....when nobody or no record company believed in him
bernd förtsch : grosses kino , jetzt fast 40 jahre her - oh mann.
paulmac63 : Just one song from one of the greatest albums ever. Jim steinman was a genius and Meatloaf had a voice to match the pwoer of the songs, brilliant
Charlie Williams : Meat Loaf - Heaven Can Wait - Live in Holland Still with us because he made changes to save his life!
James Taylor : Remember when? Yes, I do! 'Twas bitd (back-in-the-day) all us'ens could and did sing Meatloaf's "BAT OUT OF HELL" album 'til our throats were raw.. No days as great as the bitd - Shakespeare was correct! Youth is squandered on the young..
Garland Greene : Nothing beats the Big 80's --- And everything beats the 2010's
Brownie : Still one of his best performances of this great song