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MrProTechHD : Universal Studios Hollywood is boring as F****
Snoz Berries : When did you go it doesn't appear to be that busy!? It's beautiful!
Fresh4370 : Is the drop scary/intense because I've never been on the ride before but I'm planning to go. I do like rides like the mummy ride but don't really like big point is that if I enjoy the mummy ride well I enjoy the Jurassic park ride???also why in the video the drop looks short and it doesn't look like 84 feet drop?
~Jessie Nightfire~ : did anyone notice the mickey mouse hat at 5:49 wrong theme park! hahaha
Gandalf The Grey : I remember going on this as a kid
lilyrose1213 : To all the fucking trolls saying anything in universal Orlando is better than universal California: Ok I'll admit it. Universal Florida is a lot cleaner and nicer than the Hollywood one. And it has a lot more attractions. But the fact of the matter is, it has no reason other than they saw California's success to exist. The entire reason UNIVERSAL STUDIOS THEME PARK is in Hollywood is because UNIVERSAL STUDIOS is a place where they film movies and tv shows. The theme park was built around the fact that the studios were here. It makes no sense to have a UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Florida because its not universal studios (studio being a tv and movie studio) it's a theme park where they filmed jack shit. And I hate all of you saying Florida is better because your an annoying pest. Please just don't comment that on a video of Hollywood rides it's just plain fucking rude. And I am fully aware that I'm being rude to you right now but seriously Florida park you shouldn't even exist and you need to take a step back on to the bridge you just crossed and throw yourself the fuck off of it. Long live California.
Mardox Plays : Universal at florida is MUCHHH BIGGER. No offense
nestor siron : It feels the t rex gonna eat us at the ride but the ride dropped down I went there and imngoing again