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Leslygx3 : i went on the one here in Orlando, FL it is better
Kiki Jones : i love this ride i have it in florida!
Deadshot Studios : Looks like the kid wearing the Mickey Hat on the ride didnt listen when the guy clearly said at the start of the ride take off hats and glasses or they will fly off lol.
The Doctor : As a kid, I always thought the dinosaurs were real.
Go UCF : Best part was the Mickey Mouse hat Lmfao. But I want to go pretty bad, I have been in Orlando since I was born and have been to Disney World and Universal Orlando a billion times and really want to go here. I have been to Disneyland once but it was when I was 6 in 07 and I don't remember much. 
Ian Cusick : This was always my favorite ride
MrRollercoasterful : Seems like one of the best themed rides in the world... How much did it cost?
Ohlong Johnson : U should go at night