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JessMJFan989נ : did anyone notice the mickey mouse hat at 5:49 wrong theme park! hahaha
ka-mun Cheong : This looks better than the Singapore one.
Smooth Alastor : strange thing, when I was a kid, that drop at the very end felt way longer, so watching this video I can't help but ask "wow, was the drop really that quick?" 
Cupcake Chaos : I've been on this very ride and I was with my brother in law and my sister in law and they are bother fat like I mean 300 each and I was sitting in the middle and at the end when you drop I had to hold on to the safety bar bc I was lifting up off the seat. It may not look much but if I'm not mistaken that's an 80ft drop. I could be totally wrong so no hate. This ride scared me so but it's bc I don't like heights at all!.
Eric West : i bet little kids cry on this ride. lol
Tyler Heard : Not to be a buzzkill, but after seeing the trailer to Jurassic World, what if they reinvented this ride in some spots to be like Jurassic World
The Doctor : As a kid, I always thought the dinosaurs were real.
krissy65404 : Just rode this 2 weeks ago... We didn't know how wet we would get and it was pretty fun.