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Jew in the oven 94 : He needs more corner speed and yes he is shifting,he is fast but needs more corner speed
Tyla Wojciechowicz : if you guys cant see that he is shifting gears then you all need fucking glasses ok he most probably rides better then all of you dipshits!!
Keith Flesher : Dude you have to shift some times
Rann Zimmer : For everyone saying he isn't shifting. He is obviously speed shifting. Which means he doesn't let off the gas to shift. And that's why he seems so fast and you tards think the video is sped up. This kid is quick as fuck just get over that fact. Good riding bro. 
AirOwnage20 : He is shifting idiots
Schuyler1012 : All you idiots say shift and oh the videos sped up, i know this kid in person and you dont know when he shifts because he doesnt let off, why do you think hes so fast and makes you faggots think its sped up? Seriously.
Elias lintunen : ok video :)
Erkki Rajala : opettele ajamaan särkee kuski