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AirOwnage20 : He is shifting idiots
Elias lintunen : ok video :)
Rann Zimmer : For everyone saying he isn't shifting. He is obviously speed shifting. Which means he doesn't let off the gas to shift. And that's why he seems so fast and you tards think the video is sped up. This kid is quick as fuck just get over that fact. Good riding bro. 
SmithRacing1999 : All you idiots say shift and oh the videos sped up, i know this kid in person and you dont know when he shifts because he doesnt let off, why do you think hes so fast and makes you faggots think its sped up? Seriously.
SuperJAWman : +moochocho11 So you comment on my video telling me to speed it up then you mock this guy for speeding up the video. You have some issues. You seem like a very sour, bitter, and unfriendly person. And you should get a KTM125SX. Two strokes rule. Now wasn't that a good comment? Can we not be such turds on youtube? I could of been like: get a KTM125SX you freakin retard. Everyone knows that they're the best you dumb a$$. But I didn't. You're welcome. I hope you get the bike you want. 
Dakota Ermatinger : I have a kx85 with powerband
Jason Cruise : i have a rm65 but im thinking of what to get a yz85 or a kx85
RUDY43100 : lol i just thought of somthing it made me laugh reading all the comments about shifting but what if he cased all of the jumps. then somone could say...buddy its because u were in 1st the whole time. lol not making fun of cause i know its a practiicce but just daying haha