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Just Outdoors - How to Debone a Northern Pike

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Just Outdoors - How to Debone a Northern Pike

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Host Tom Chapin lets guest Len Daigle show us a simple way to debone a Northern Pike. Recorded August 23, 2010.

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VeXu666 : Easily the best way (by experience) to take the fins out/skin is to take the fillet's off the spine and then take the belly fat off. Then put the fillets on the oven with moderate heat, and pull it out after about 5 mins or so, that you can pull the skin off with your fingers. Then just make about 2 fingers (side by side) thick slices of the fillet, dust them in flour, drop them in eggs and breadcrumbs, and put them on the pan with butter and a bit of salt. As the fish cooks on the pan, the fillets become smaller and you can easily pull the fins off even with your fingers as they start sticking out during the process. There you have a beautiful pan fried pike fillet with the largest amount of flesh intact, without unnecessary fancy pants cutting and wasting this beautiful fish. I can tell you that it tastes like something you've never had in your life. Even kids love it.
Steve Gibbons : This is not the proper way to fillet a Northern Pike, Jackfish, whatever common name you choose to call them (especially if you are interested in the maximum yield of meat). Look up the " 5 Fillet Method" for Pike Filleting. 
whorlicks : hardware hank ..i live in england
whorlicks : get on with it 
Laree Townsend :
Trevor Hickens : There's a thousand videos on how to clean a Northern on YouTube, and this is by far the most in depth and informative video I've seen. I wish I would have watched this this morning before the hack job that ended up being my catch today. If people want a faster video: Then they'll just find one. Great video guys.
berto : here in canada pickerel is another name for walleye
tracey k : pickerel and northern pike are in the same family, walleye and perch are in the same family, if you look it up a pickerel looks very much like a pike and is in eastern Canada and eastern US. Why we prairie people insist on calling Walleye Pickerel I have no idea except I have been told it is "what grandfathers" called them. As a Saskatchewan gal I want people to educate themselves so we don't look uneducated to the rest of the world because we don't know the proper name of a fish.