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Just Outdoors - How to Debone a Northern Pike

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Just Outdoors - How to Debone a Northern Pike

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Host Tom Chapin lets guest Len Daigle show us a simple way to debone a Northern Pike. Recorded August 23, 2010.

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Anthony Doster : Can't believe how much of that fish you are wasting
Renee Beaubien : i think the host is a douce bag lol! why is he so scared of the knife.
Romanza313 : He is wasting to much meat.
Jim Nygaard : Nice video...and enjoyable to watch. 'Seems like a lot of waste by not actually removing the "Y" bones and salvaging the remaining meat. Northerns are great to eat...thanks for the video. Jim
Trevor Hickens : There's a thousand videos on how to clean a Northern on YouTube, and this is by far the most in depth and informative video I've seen. I wish I would have watched this this morning before the hack job that ended up being my catch today. If people want a faster video: Then they'll just find one. Great video guys.
tracey k : pickerel and northern pike are in the same family, walleye and perch are in the same family, if you look it up a pickerel looks very much like a pike and is in eastern Canada and eastern US. Why we prairie people insist on calling Walleye Pickerel I have no idea except I have been told it is "what grandfathers" called them. As a Saskatchewan gal I want people to educate themselves so we don't look uneducated to the rest of the world because we don't know the proper name of a fish.
Anthony Doster : Could of skipped SO much of the boring chatter.
fisherdave57 : Hi guys, enjoy your video but was wondering what you do with the pin bones in the belly side that are directly below the dorsal fin ? have seen lots of videos where they are just ignored and the person cleaning says " bone free " I have cleaned many hundreds of northern pike, I have my own way of dealing with them. Our pike in upstate NY are bigger, average 5 to 10 pounds, maybe in a smaller pike the pin bones are not an issue.