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christopher coleman : wyane gretzky is the great one of hockey 
Cam L. : Still sends shivers down my spine! TSNs one is good but just cant compare :(
Mahes46 : cbc were retarted for not keeping this song
Bob Peterssen : The Great song and the Great one, How do you beat it.
GorterPoss : @Mahes46 Yeah wtf. Fuck that cocksucker Bob Mackenzie.
bullsleafs : Love the plain white boards, vintage hockey rocks. The HNIC theme song still gives me the cold shivers and goose bumps.
Commando9789 : i like the sens, but right now they're sucking, so ill stick with canadians for now
FlagDUDE08 : America's Pep Band (ironically enough) plays this prior to the start of our home hockey games.