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Cameron Archer : *URBMN 'Celebrates' 75 Years of CBC!* Yes, this is obvious. It's "The Hockey Theme" from *NHL on TSN,* from the time when it was *the* theme to *Hockey Night in Canada.* Every Canadian knows "The Hockey Theme" by heart. I'm not sure which version of "The Hockey Theme" this is. There are fans of the original 1968 orchestration, but I've always preferred the punchier 1988 version. It's the version of "The Hockey Theme" I grew up with. It's aping the grandeur of ABC/ESPN's *Monday Night Football* theme, "Heavy Action," and is damn successful at that task. Dolores Claman originally earned a one-time creative fee of $800 for "The Hockey Theme." Eventually, Claman would licence the theme for around $500 a broadcast from 1993 until 2008, when CTVglobemedia bought the theme in perpetuity. "The Hockey Theme" wouldn't become The Theme until the 1970s, as it was originally a jingle used to sell *HNiC*. It would grow in stature to become Canada's so-called second national anthem. TSN isn't doing right by "The Hockey Theme," and it's to Canada's detriment.
Cam L. : Still sends shivers down my spine! TSNs one is good but just cant compare :(
Mahes46 : cbc were retarted for not keeping this song
Bob Peterssen : The Great song and the Great one, How do you beat it.
GorterPoss : @Mahes46 Yeah wtf. Fuck that cocksucker Bob Mackenzie.
bullsleafs : Love the plain white boards, vintage hockey rocks. The HNIC theme song still gives me the cold shivers and goose bumps.
Commando9789 : i like the sens, but right now they're sucking, so ill stick with canadians for now
FlagDUDE08 : America's Pep Band (ironically enough) plays this prior to the start of our home hockey games.