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Sam Bulldogg : i feel like if the apocalypse happened and you went into a grocery store/outdoor outfitter store, the bear grylls section would remain untouched for centuries 
05Rudey : It should be the defacto kit for scouts.
Dylan Kneifl : 2:56 "very large matches" 3:12 "the matches are small" 5:06 "high carbon stainless steel pocket knife" ?
Daniel Soto : 2:25 should've gave a warning OMG RIP HEADPHONE USERS
Cheeses Fries : getting this just for the knife and fire starter by the way does the knife rust I've never own a pocket knife before and i don't know about whats good steel and stuff, just want a small EDC, i don't want rust though because i wouldn't know how to maintain it
Zachs Survival Channel : I got this for the survival kit and the knife and I took the knife out to use and only to be disappointed because the knife broke when I dropped it the blade separated from the handle I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND GETTING THIS FOR THE KNIFE!!
Grand Champ : I would add a few plastic bags and and tin foil to carry water and boil it. Other than that this is a great start.
Inthedarkzone01 : I like your channel but the BG equipment are just complete crap 20 US for that? Go get a 10 dollars knife 10 dollars paracorde (15-30 foot long) and a lighter borrow it from a friend and tadaaa you got a much better survival kit then the GERBER survival kit... Most of those "survival" equipment are just for show (for the homeboys) i would not recommend to use it in a survival situation go get your own equipment i know gerber for manny years befor the BG equipments came out and it has never been a good brand if you want a good smal knife go buy a mora...