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Sam Bulldogg : i feel like if the apocalypse happened and you went into a grocery store/outdoor outfitter store, the bear grylls section would remain untouched for centuries 
Dylan Kneifl : 2:56 "very large matches" 3:12 "the matches are small" 5:06 "high carbon stainless steel pocket knife" ?
Justin Smith : they should add a lighter just in case its raining or storming.
Fauna Photographer : If anyone has noticed, the whistle included in the Bear Grylls Survival kits is the same sort that is attached to aircraft life vests. It is very cheap and doesn't look impressive at all, but as he said it does its job.
Kristian Sapien : I had my computer at 72 volume and was wearing head phones when he had blown the whistle.ow!
05Rudey : It should be the defacto kit for scouts.
TheGaming Gorilla : I have the kit but I added a emergency blanket and water purification tablets.
Bernice Bell : My grandson was watching thiscand when you blew the whistle his eardrums started to bleed jk