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Sam Bulldogg : i feel like if the apocalypse happened and you went into a grocery store/outdoor outfitter store, the bear grylls section would remain untouched for centuries 
NGMonocrom : Too basic. I added a flat compass to it. Thankfully there's extra space inside the orange bag, but not the plastic one. I'd recommend also adding a mini signal mirror along with wrapping the outside with some real paracord. The cord can be gutted if need be and the strands inside used for aiding in constructing a shelter. With those items, you get a true basic kit that covers the 3 requirements of a true mini survival kit. Namely, fire-making, shelter, and signaling/navigation.
Ethan Owens : The kit is not very nice to be honest it had only like 4 the ten c's it is truly for little boy scouts in there backyard.
TheGaming Gorilla : I have the kit but I added a emergency blanket and water purification tablets.
Cade Riddle : The knife is sharp and the fire steel works great. 
zeke rodriguez : My clear pack ripped
Dylan Kneifl : 2:56 "very large matches" 3:12 "the matches are small" 5:06 "high carbon stainless steel pocket knife" ?
AT Dread : The knife to me, is extremely sharp, compact, foldable, and if you cut 12 rocks straight you could cut 9 full titanium blocks! Fold to avoid braking.