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palstikup : getting this just for the knife and fire starter by the way does the knife rust I've never own a pocket knife before and i don't know about whats good steel and stuff, just want a small EDC, i don't want rust though because i wouldn't know how to maintain it
Grand Champ : I would add a few plastic bags and and tin foil to carry water and boil it. Other than that this is a great start.
slannmage : Plastic would be better for a whistle as in very cold temps metal would just stick to you.
Kane Kasemchainan : Can you please tell me what is better than scout or this knife
FreezingOasis : Not trying to be mean but David is kinda like a wannabe bear grylls. Im norwegian so dont be hatin if i spelled something incorrectly.
elaine burtner : I don't like this video you can make your own stuff. What waste Money. I not buy this stuff.
Panos De : Thank you for existing in youtube. Your videos are very helpful!!
Ethan Meyer : Never Trust a lock on a knife