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sakurakou2009 : I wish their was sub , her voice touched me but unfortunately I don't understand :(
sakil alam : Wi r agree to the lady wht she's saying saying absolutely right.. Muslims brother's r with The lady... 
N Khan : I Know the Muslims People in India are hated but We Pakistani People love all religions Hindu , Sikh and Christians We respect them all because they are Pakistani People. Its called freedom which you People in India don't have so let her Speak whatever she wants Pakistan zindabad.
Yogendra Yadav : this is lady non indian see Pakistani 100% not
N Khan : Why you Indian People are so angry and yes she is Hindu Girl we respect everyone in Pakistan Hindu, Christian and Jewish People that is Why Pakistan is a Great Country. Pakistan has freedom of speech everyone has freedom to Worship their religion.
Anilcore Core : all fake video to fool people convert into islam all bullshit
shabaz ahmed : Subhan allah
N Khan : Indians People are fucking angry because we give freedom to Hindu People to Speak openly .. You fucking idiots should be Happy that everyone has freedom in Pakistan.