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salman arief : subhan Allah
Jay Max : Trubute To Islam By A Hindu Lady, Lata Haya. 30th All India Shankarji Memorial 'Musha'ira', Hyderabad, AP. (Urdu/Hindi Poetry)
Aisha Naaz :
Itsajit Raj : Ab to hadd hi ho gayi chamchagiri ki...kisi ko v apne bulaoge to wo tarrif ne 2shabd to bolegi hi na...fir ye drama kyu..... 
Shoab Chhipa : mashaallah kafiron dekho aur kuch sikho
speren berg : You may wish look up some Bashar videos (on the Prime Radiant, on M-theory, on neutrinos) and lots of his other videos, e.g. on reincarnation, parallel lives and the holographic character of our (your) universe. Contrast it with theoretical physicists such as David Bohm and Karl Pribram. Then decide for yourself. (on Bohm and Pribram there are good videos by someone called Talbot). The Prime Radiant is All-That-Is. You are part of it. In all your incarnations. Irrespective of your faith. No need to slander or kill. There never was. It seems that physical reality is entirely different from what we think. There is enough space for everything and everyone.
Aisha Naaz :
Awais Ahmad : very love u sister