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patioelf : This is beautiful! Thank you. My husband will thank you too once he gets home and I show him the video while asking him if he could please do this….. 🚶💥😡 LOL Patti
Phuong nguyen xuan : j with 1 rule uot toi circuits like
michelle249 : +imsirius2 Hey Brian, this is an excellent video! Thanks for the how to, I was planning on building an arch but this looks like a much better idea. If you don't mind, could i also see the sequence for the fan. I'm just getting started with a 16 channel light o rama and would appreciate any tips for how you learned sequencing. Thanks! :) and Happy Thanksgiving!
indigo4fox : 5 days job???I stop using 120 voltage,low voltage light are much better and easier to work!!!
Franco cif :
Nathan H. : how did you zone it like was it two 100 count set for one zone and how many zones dose it take up
imsirius2 : That's correct. 30 sets. Plus the ropelights. Total draw. about 11 amps at full on.
Uchi Lake Lodge : I don't know how to send private message on Youtube? Can you direct me. Also, I know how to make one but looking for a sequence I can copy to run it. THanks Judy