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Capt DanielS : That pilot had everything on the table to deal with the problem and go home for dinner (is not usual to have an airport near when you loose an engine), unfortunatelly, he picked the wrong day to search for a nice touch down near the threshold very well alligned with the runway after a steep approach...a good practice is to add a few more knots to the airplane (VREF is my favorite to add them),no matter what you intentions are, .emergency or normal manouvers, having an emergency with extra speed a side slip is a very good idea, then: think fast!! what your gonna do once your tires touch the ground.... The easiest part of an aircraft accident is play the expert role with a cup of coffe on the ground after you watch it, but from my point of view that crash was avoidable with just a little bit, almost nothing of a more skilled pilot...I have + 2500 flying hours in GA, + 2000 skydive flights, hundreds of landings in short strip "runways" (different surfaces) and 4 severe emergencies. I do not like to see this terrific incidents but unfortunatelly helps to share our opinions and try to avoid accidents like this....
Ennio Araujo : Pq não entrou em modo de planeio? foi muito estranha essa derrapagem, me pereceu aplicou força máxima no motor direito um pouco antes dele girar. percebe-se que ele tentou segurar no leme antes de inverter! 
Jim Foreman : Lack of piloting skills, not qualified in twins, turning into the dead engine and letting the speed go below VMC.
Didio HF : Essa pirueta para o lado direito significa q ele deu asa p lado do motor inoperante? Pode ser isso?
Jim Foreman : There were also trees but neither them nor any power lines had anything to do with the VMC stall and roll. Just plain bad pilotage and lacking pilot skills.
kilzwes : Pane no motor direito, avião pesado por conta dos tanques cheios e/ou carga, tentativa de retornar rápido ao aeroporto, mesmo correndo o risco de fazer a curva para o lado do motor ruim, razão negativa de descida talvez não conseguindo manter o nível para o vôo monomotor por causa do peso, e claro, os comentários da galera aí também estão corretos! São muitas as razões que contribuiram para esse acidente! Uma pena.
kilzwes : Isso acontece sim!! Veja esse video ainda mais tenso com um modelo Baron 58: watch?NR=1&v=YqmomTUVsAw&feature=endscreen
ContrailKid : The skid, steep bank angle (increased load factor / stall speed), and Vmc, probably all played a part in this accident. For those wondering, the pilot lost an engine during takeoff, and also seems to be turning into the dead engine (I think), which raises Vmc considerably. Every sensible rule seems to have been ignored. There are a lot of good lessons to be learned if you are a student pilot watching this video. Remember, RUSHING to get back on the ground is never a good idea. Very sad.