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parkingcap : boys enjoying
rlf4403tube : I love goat cheese too!
Ferenczdeak Boti : Hej te csoror menyit ad?
SrPantalonesdefuego : @mahafakir These goats were not nervous if they were nervous they would be side stepping and making more noise, these men are doing just fine the goats are healthy and produce plenty of milk. Just because a few goats get irritated at someone messing with their teats doesn't mean they're doing it wrong, goats like people get moody and many of them dont like having their teats wiped, I know mine don't but they milk just fine.
Seta666satan : Powinni takich żółtych zamykać do klatek a nie biedne zwierzęta
jo van : ang linis ng shed ha! ayos!
AussieBaron Australia : UFUK,Bey cok selamlar
joelaggro : can i get your contact # & addres pls. to buy goat.