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grape69soda : song at 10:01
Victor Farias : That was a cleaver joke actually
AnotherRandomCitizen : Omg I am 1800 elo too, I guess I am as good as dyrus.
Bryton Wood : This was a decent representation of elo hell. Too bad, haha.
D Lopez : the comments took the fun out of watching this... DONT READ PAST THIS POINT IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE VID
Eric Painter : it was time to run........ thats a lot of people. dear god.
Arouxayis : if he came in mid and helped his team in teamfights instead of split push i think they could have won. it seems odd to leave your team at a disadvantage and to go off by yourself as the best person on your team with no tp to help it's true that if you apply pressure to all sides of the map they'd split up, but knowing the enemy team could force a teamfight with no Dyrus is pretty much handing them the game.