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Berrilike : Did you do a video on uploading a video to YouTube from your website with PHP?
Mulugeta Besrega : Hey it's very helpful video.Can you send me the source code please
Pitungkoon Tom : ขอบคุณครับ!
Juan Antonio Butrón : Excelent Video, i found a mistake on the jwplayer code, cause it must be HTML not PHP, i fixed it with some "echo" and it works fine. thanks.
Sadeer sw eng : there are no thumbnails I was looking for that if you can help me without the use of youtube
codeboxed : What did i do wrong? $getvid = $_GET["v"]; $result = mysql_query("SELECT code FROM v WHERE id='$getvid' ");
Antonio josh : I will never get why so few people uses new PDO object for database queries... it is so much simple and shorter than typing mysql_fetch_assoc, mysql_fetch_array...
BUHARY HAZITH : thank you.