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The most beautiful Sumerian Mesopotamian chill out music Iraq

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The most beautiful Sumerian Mesopotamian chill out music Iraq

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Sumerians lived in the land of sumer which is south of Iraq between the great Euphrates and Tigris rivers. They where the first established civilization in history. Great inventions such as writing, the wheel, irrigated farming, astronomy, the zodiac, and many more came from the Sumerians. The English word "Beer" is a Sumerian word as they were the first people known to create the beverage beer. They were the first people to write the first expression of freedom and liberty "Ama-Gi" Which means let them go back to their mothers (The slaves). Abraham was from sumer and you can go visit Abrahams house which is located next to the ziggurat near the city of Al-Nassariyah , south of Baghdad. Compilations of first half of video are Sumerian pictures, and then it is some pictures of ancient Babylon and at the end some modern pictures of Iraq.

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Miles Beler : Everywhere I go on youtube, I manage to find some enclave of political idealogy, whether it is "Eat healthy or die fatties!" or "Neo-Assyria will rise again!", I simply cannot escape the ridiculousness of the comments section!
Islam Allah : Please, the picture statue's link of the king sumerian Gilgamesh.
jay the best : Proud to be Sumerian , the oldest kind of humans on earth.
Ganfol Rey Sandia : Sumerians weren't semites, web don't known where they went but we know that they were white people 
chaldean-assyrian-syriac mesopotamia : long live babylon assyria !!! mesopotamia land between two rivers !!!
CUBETechie : Many months ago i have a dream i see summerian tablets with this god http://innemedium.pl/sites/default/files/imagecache/400naszerokosc/images/anunnaki_wings_big.jpg and this http://blogs.c.yimg.jp/res/blog-d1-c4/mituboshi1000/folder/894335/21/9299021/img_2?1267992377 In the backround i hear someone speak but i dont know that language, i hear some old languages and i think that it was egyptian. I know its strange but what will this dream say me ? 
Cláudia Dias : Love, Greetings and Salam to Iraq from Leon region, in north of "Al - Andaluz"! <3 :) 
Grekoo : the kurds want to claim iraq for themselvs and steal our history, cowards.