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Monster-64 : This vid is hacked. How can there be 13 million views, if there are only 7 million people on earth? EDIT: 200 comments later... Trolling successful. EDIT after EDIT: Are you idiots really still this gullible? Trolling successful after 300 comments.
V. CAI : i spent half an hour on this and it doesn't even fucking fly
Giovanni Masi : Huh??? I though you were going to test fly it at the end. The point of making a paper airplane is to fly it. That's like making a joke but with no punchline.
Stanislav Panić : So much trouble and on the end is not even f15 it's a MiG29!
TitanEren coleman : Thanks man. Ill keep it as a collection. But only one thing. It cant fly. Even though i spent likw 21 minutes on this plane. You do not know how hard ive worked on this.
Nexus Infinity : Fuck this fucking shot there ain't no way I can do no fucking mountain fold while I'm sucking cock and doing that shit ass valley fold too like what the hell bitch it's impossible I managed to spend my life savings on paper trying to do this shit there ain't no way fucking way.
Marin Marković : you speak UP TO like UPCHA ihate you man i cant hear that word
Johnny Sparks : Fly's like a rock lol