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Stanislav Panić : So much trouble and on the end is not even f15 it's a MiG29!
V. CAI : i spent half an hour on this and it doesn't even fucking fly
Monster-64 : This vid is hacked. How can there be 13 million views, if there are only 7 million people on earth? EDIT: 200 comments later... Trolling successful.
PIXELinCUBE : Damn this tutorial, too asian. I'm out.
Lawrence de Galan Origami : This is the coolest Airplane I ever folded! You're an awesome Origami designer! :-)
PingPongGamer: AKA The Rainbow Creeper : I made it up to 5;03 then flipped and raged, and smashed the table... And all That stuff :/
Tactical Turd : Tutorial was not clear enough, I accidentally bombed Iraq 8 minutes into the construction.
Johnny Sparks : Fly's like a rock lol