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De.kit & Creeps : Gg
Rakibul Chowdhury : i almost broke my arm trying to make this with cardstock
Shadohz75 : This video is an example of why certain people (mostly kids) shouldn't be allowed on computers. Even with his 'accent', the video is easy to follow, his pace was not all fast and it's not very complex. Good job Tadashi. Maybe some of you should stick to something simpler like 6-fold paper airplanes instead of hating.
SquirtleMania : This is kind of poorly explained you do some things you don't say and if you don't do them it won't work
EP1CMINER : Wait... wut?!
Chris Far : Dude, there would be less rude people on you're video if you just respond to their questions, and give them tips on how to fold them/it properly!:)
Roy Bryans : JOE IS A BIG LIAR 
ivan sikaleski : It doesn't work