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Monster-64 : This vid is hacked. How can there be 13 million views, if there are only 7 million people on earth? EDIT: 200 comments later... Trolling successful. EDIT after EDIT: Are you idiots really still this gullible? Trolling successful after 300 comments.
V. CAI : i spent half an hour on this and it doesn't even fucking fly
PingPongGamer: AKA The Rainbow Creeper : I made it up to 5;03 then flipped and raged, and smashed the table... And all That stuff :/
TitanEren coleman : Thanks man. Ill keep it as a collection. But only one thing. It cant fly. Even though i spent likw 21 minutes on this plane. You do not know how hard ive worked on this.
Oguzalp Esen : introduction wasnt clear...i fucked my sister
Marcusees G.A : So will it fly? I don't really care cus' it looks awesome!
FlintSyrupsOtherthingy : In defense of everyone who though it would fly: It doesn't say anywhere in the title "DOES NOT FLY" or anything of the like really. Not everyone has to open the description but apparently its a sin if you don't nowadays. A simple misunderstanding in my opinion. And if you have the audacity to reply to one of these people who thought it would fly with anger and blame, you need to step the hell away from your computer.
Giovanni Masi : Huh??? I though you were going to test fly it at the end. The point of making a paper airplane is to fly it. That's like making a joke but with no punchline.