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Jordyn B : not all girls answer the phone like that jerk
Ava S : i am in fact a girl, and i don't raise my voice while i'm talking on the phone. i attempt not to, at least. i hope i don't! (I'm now worried! XD)
tara smith : I fell everything in the store even the shelves
MsRockLover13 : I raise my voice on the phone and have like that fake-nice sounding voice and I've no idea why I'm doing that. And for the heels…even little heels hurt lol I am currently walking around wearing shoes that are 2 sizes bigger just coz I wanted them so badly and also my blouse would fit my dad xD I agree girls are confusing…I sometimes confuse myself too 
Angie Styles : I feel embarrassed to admit that Ive done all these things except the seductive dancing but I've definitely seen it.
R. Jackson : I think the material-touching is pretty self-explanatory. We don't know the fabric texture, so we touch it. Or... We're just being OCD and wanting to touch everything. Take your pick!
Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz : Marcus acting like a girl, LOL. That's actually funny XD 
Stuck In Honey : The reason we touch everything is because often if its hanging up in a rail you can't see it properly and alt of girls will look at a piece of clothing from the side and love it but when they see the front they don't. It's also to have a look at things like price material and where it's made.