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Skye Kk : hate talking on the phone, hate makeup, hate heels, hate practiaclly everything he mentioned........... so im with him, i dont understand why most girl like this......
Natalie Voo : I'm a girl but i don't do any of those things :P yeah, i don't understand my kind either 
Exoclypse : Do the girls in the comment want to be so special they had to put a useless comment stating "I don't do this"?
R. Jackson : I think the material-touching is pretty self-explanatory. We don't know the fabric texture, so we touch it. Or... We're just being OCD and wanting to touch everything. Take your pick!
Mitaku Rikijiari : I think I'm a gig in a girls body, I literally do none of those things, some girls are weird
frey in a jar : Kk so I mush be the weirdest girl ever cause I am really bad and quiet on the phone, I can't dance,I don't like heels, I am really bad at shopping, sooooooo yeah um that explains me 😋
Jordyn B : not all girls answer the phone like that jerk
Ina Eriksson : You caught me on the 'feels every clothing in the story' <<