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Things I Don't Understand About Girls

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Things I Don't Understand About Girls

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There are a few things I don't understand about girls... I hope you enjoy. Give me a thumbs up if you do :) Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/MarcusButlerTv Follow me on tumblr: http://marcusbutlertv.tumblr.com/ Follow me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Marcus.L.Butler I hope you guys enjoy the new video :). I hope this hasn't offended any of you what so ever as i would never intend for that to happen :). I'm sure there's lots of things you girls don't understand about boys! Let me know of any other things that you girls do, or if there are any answers for the things i mentioned ;). If you enjoy this video please share it around on your facebook's and twitter :D. I love your face! ►T-SHIRTS◄ http://www.districtlines.com/marcus-butler ► SECOND CHANNEL ◄ http://www.youtube.com/MoreMarcus ► INSTAGRAM◄ @MarcusButlerTv ►Want to send me something?◄ Marcus Butler Suite 145 Regency House 91, Western Road Brighton, BN1 2LB United Kingdom

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Minty CandyArts : Non of these applies to me ehhh makeup is okay, hate heels, hate talking into the phone I prefer to talk in real life. This is not me. Im sometimes a tomboy....
ParxdiseHarry : I'm a girl and I do none of those, probably because I'm either too shy, or overly-simplified. I don't get why girls always have to act so narcissistic; if they're a slut (not slut shaming) they always have this weird tendency to give other girls dirty looks, or think they're superior to other girls, purely because they have sex with multiple males. I also don't get why girls slag off other girls for cheating/being a slut, when they go and do exactly that themselves, or when girls get on the bus sit/stand and straight away start attacking themselves in make up, if there's a boy standing also on the bus, they sometimes turn around and stick their bums out a bit, whether or not that boy is either oblivious or disinterested, they will still try their hardest. I dont understand why girls always try and act so mature, when in actual fact a lot of things they do are immature, or when they bitch. Then they're nice to that person's face, I also do not understand why they always give other people dirty looks, to be honest the list is endless; I am a girl myself, I always find myself confused by what other girls do - are they trying to hard; do they want attention, or are they just like that. I dont understand girls at all, why do they always have to be so loud, or act dumb around boys. Logically, boys do not find being dumb, looking cheap and acting fake attractive, or if you have no self-respect; you're just an easy lay to them. Not being nasty, I dont understand why girls are so loud, or post half naked pictures of themselves then either say they're insecure, fat or complain why males are trying to "perv over them" I genuinely think some clothes girls wear are disgusting, the things they do are terrible. the list is endless, I probably sound so snobby saying this, I think its because I dont act like the conventional type of female, I blame my twisted, misunderstood humour. 
ღ☮Dıχıeđøøıšαωešøмe☮ღ : I am a girl, and I don't understand theese things about other girls: 1. They YELL at me for cussing (WTH?!) 2. They think it's crazy that I started playing M rated video games at the age of 4 3. they think its stupid that my Youtube channel is on gaming, and say "It's not a REAL channel" 5. Everyone expects me to wear a dress (OH HAIL NO) 6. your teachers say "This is to the guys" even though you had the EXACT same thought 7. People think its weird that I don't do my hair or nails or anything (I don't want to wake up if I don't HAVE to) 8. I will do ANYTHING to avoid talking on the phone because I panic being put on the spot :P 9. My favorite colors are grey and black 10. I don't like the music everyone else likes, I like more aggressive music
Faith Richards : This video is offensive. The girls in these comments are basically lying. Like all girls do this so guys get the fuck over it. All girls do this (except tomboys) so girls you do this so stfu. Girls are only doing this because to impress guys or just let guys think they don't. Guys, girl do this stuff because they wanna look pretty except like garbage. Guys, your girlfriend does this stuff so what you hate your girlfriend for doing it. Because they're trying to impress you! Watch Jenna Marbles or Superwoman and they will tell you wrong! >:-(
haffo woo : *squeaky girly voice* "oh meh gooooooood its been so long girlfriend omg omg i noooo riiight?! i gotta go now byyeeee babe" *deep man voice* "now where was i?"
Emma Halliday : I'm a mix between a girly girl and a tomboy. People kind of know me as a tomboy, so when they find out I dance, thsy're like what?! I can do what I like!! I don't wear much makeup, just usually stage makeup. I own a few dresses, but I usually wear them at home during lazy summer days or they're dance costumes. And the only shoes I own that have heels are my tap shoes, because they're the only heels I can walk in!! Yes I'm a tomboy, I'm not afraid to break a nail, get covered in mud, actually have fun and live, climb trees, go hiking, paddling in a river, all that kind of stuff. I can be a girly girl and a tomboy, I hate it when people say I can only be one!! Right, rant over!!
Jamie Caldwell : The only reason I ever raise the pitch in my voice is to sound friendlier, which I usually do at work. Cause my low, monotone voice isn't the best for customer service but that's really about it.
The Doctor and his TARDIS : Ok, one is not true, at all. Two, they are usually drunk. Three, of, you try walking in heels. We try to look good for your gender, as you're very picky. Four, just, God damn, just stop now. You have this all wrong, stereotypical sexist. Five, or continuation of four, no. We only do that when we really don't have the time. And really, the stores raise the price when you male them get online and ship it to you, or, at least, in my personal experience. Six,