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Minty CandyArts : Non of these applies to me ehhh makeup is okay, hate heels, hate talking into the phone I prefer to talk in real life. This is not me. Im sometimes a tomboy....
Amber Mason : Sometimes I don't feel like I qualify as a girl, I hate wearing tons of makeup, doing my hair all fancy. I like to look nice but I hate all the huge maintenance. I don't really care for shopping. I so don't get the OBSESSION most girls have with shoes. I don't like talking on the phone for hours. I'm not a shopaholic unless it involves books lol
ParxdiseHarry : I'm a girl and I do none of those, probably because I'm either too shy, or overly-simplified. I don't get why girls always have to act so narcissistic; if they're a slut (not slut shaming) they always have this weird tendency to give other girls dirty looks, or think they're superior to other girls, purely because they have sex with multiple males. I also don't get why girls slag off other girls for cheating/being a slut, when they go and do exactly that themselves, or when girls get on the bus sit/stand and straight away start attacking themselves in make up, if there's a boy standing also on the bus, they sometimes turn around and stick their bums out a bit, whether or not that boy is either oblivious or disinterested, they will still try their hardest. I dont understand why girls always try and act so mature, when in actual fact a lot of things they do are immature, or when they bitch. Then they're nice to that person's face, I also do not understand why they always give other people dirty looks, to be honest the list is endless; I am a girl myself, I always find myself confused by what other girls do - are they trying to hard; do they want attention, or are they just like that. I dont understand girls at all, why do they always have to be so loud, or act dumb around boys. Logically, boys do not find being dumb, looking cheap and acting fake attractive, or if you have no self-respect; you're just an easy lay to them. Not being nasty, I dont understand why girls are so loud, or post half naked pictures of themselves then either say they're insecure, fat or complain why males are trying to "perv over them" I genuinely think some clothes girls wear are disgusting, the things they do are terrible. the list is endless, I probably sound so snobby saying this, I think its because I dont act like the conventional type of female, I blame my twisted, misunderstood humour. 
The Doctor and his TARDIS : Ok, one is not true, at all. Two, they are usually drunk. Three, of, you try walking in heels. We try to look good for your gender, as you're very picky. Four, just, God damn, just stop now. You have this all wrong, stereotypical sexist. Five, or continuation of four, no. We only do that when we really don't have the time. And really, the stores raise the price when you male them get online and ship it to you, or, at least, in my personal experience. Six,
CurCatQueen : Ill be like omg look at my new black high tops!
Paul braga : Its these kind of girls that have gotten so much attention because of there good looks, I feel us guys are to blame for that because when we meet a girl, we want her to perform like a slut rather then them being judged by there smarts and gifts, we as men like to put pretty girls on a top ten list and never think once that they are just wanting some guy to recognize the gifts and talents she comes with, are message to them is that you need to perform to get along with us guys, and that could be why so many women hate us. Just my opinion.
Skye Kk : hate talking on the phone, hate makeup, hate heels, hate practiaclly everything he mentioned........... so im with him, i dont understand why most girl like this......
Vale B. : EXPLANATIONS (according to my own knowledge as a girl): 1. High pitched phone call: a) trying to sound excited (but aren't/not sure if we are) b) trying to sound like were approve of something but we don't 2. Sexual dance: a) there's such a thing as horny girls b) drunk/stoned??? 3. Heels: N/A I really don't know. I love heels, but I also kind of "trained" myself to be able to walk in them for a long time. I also don't wear them if I knew I'll be walking for a long time and I have a motto: "No matter how bad it gets, I will NOT take off my heels. I personally find it gross. I do not like looking at people's feet and I'm prideful enough not to be a hypocrite." 4. Touching clothes: Curiosity. It's fun. We like it. It's exciting. It feels nice. Comforting? 5. No right clothing size: a) girls that aren't very smart Hope that helped. :)