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Minty CandyArts : Non of these applies to me hate makeup, hate heels, hate talking into the phone I prefer to talk in real life. This is not me. Im sometimes a tomboy.... 
Amber Mason : Sometimes I don't feel like I qualify as a girl, I hate wearing tons of makeup, doing my hair all fancy. I like to look nice but I hate all the huge maintenance. I don't really care for shopping. I so don't get the OBSESSION most girls have with shoes. I don't like talking on the phone for hours. I'm not a shopaholic unless it involves books lol
CurCatQueen : Ill be like omg look at my new black high tops!
TheUziGaming : This is what I dont understand with girls only 1 word ........ FASHION! AND they see sommat for like £125 and they litteraly say "O I'm buyin it!" ITS SO STUPID
Emily dove : It's okay guys!!! I don't really know why he's complaining.. You know we're just here for tits and ass
2CrazayChicks : I do honestly only the one where we touch like all the clothes. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY WE DO THIS EITHER HELP WHY DO I LIKE TOUCHING FABRICS?
Maya K : Is that how girls talk? i'm just asking ;~;
Alyssa Chan : Umm.. I'm only 11.... and no I don't do any of that except touching all of the clothes in a store xDDDDDDDDDDDD ITS FUN!! To me...