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tj Buncio : Okay can you explain me how it works? everybody asking, YOU Idiot man,? All scientist with greatest discoveries are rejected upon there proposed their idea's this is because they violates some laws. To become a Genius/Scientist you must considered every laws of Chemistry and physics are wrong, But to become an IDIOT simply follows same as YOU!
Green Silver : One can only imagine the maker of this video was duped out of a large amount of money for a perpetual over unity motor. Lol 
poopnach : Prethenting typos as litteral quotes... ith thothially... obnoxthious.
tellie9999 : I agree there are a lot of stupid people out there but the dumbest of all are the ones who spend their time making videos to complain about stupid people
proSebyGuy : So how did he do it?
Kim Hå : How did he do it? Did he push air onto it from the side?
mobiltec : It's not nice to fool Mother Nature... Or people for that matter.
HHOinfo : I have ocean front property in Wyoming, you want to trade ?