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tellie9999 : I agree there are a lot of stupid people out there but the dumbest of all are the ones who spend their time making videos to complain about stupid people
proSebyGuy : So how did he do it?
Kim Hå : How did he do it? Did he push air onto it from the side?
mobiltec : It's not nice to fool Mother Nature... Or people for that matter.
HHOinfo : I have ocean front property in Wyoming, you want to trade ?
HHOinfo : Because you don't know the difference between compressed hydrogen & HHO you call me a moron ? BMW has a car that will run on compressed hydrogen or gasoline. NOT HHO. - Yes HHO is a Scam.
Gorguruga : i think he might have removed the other (disclosure) video.. apparently its not showing up in his video page?
Pirate Labs : I agree. stevensrd1 is a good experimenter and is no fake. His videos are honest as are mine. Do not group everyone into one simple category without doing the research. It makes you (desertwhatsis) look ignorant.