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Green Silver : One can only imagine the maker of this video was duped out of a large amount of money for a perpetual over unity motor. Lol 
poopnach : Prethenting typos as litteral quotes... ith thothially... obnoxthious.
tellie9999 : I agree there are a lot of stupid people out there but the dumbest of all are the ones who spend their time making videos to complain about stupid people
proSebyGuy : So how did he do it?
Kim Hå : How did he do it? Did he push air onto it from the side?
mobiltec : It's not nice to fool Mother Nature... Or people for that matter.
HHOinfo : I have ocean front property in Wyoming, you want to trade ?
HHOinfo : Because you don't know the difference between compressed hydrogen & HHO you call me a moron ? BMW has a car that will run on compressed hydrogen or gasoline. NOT HHO. - Yes HHO is a Scam.