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Emilio Castelli : valtra are the first tractors in forest!!!
kikigtv007 : One of the best promo video i have ever seen!
periesicsd : Dude, what are you talking about?! About forestry work in Portugal?! I can't help it that most of the machines in Portugal are wrecks! You guys are bad operators, simple as that. These tractors are used in real forestry thinning, and not in clear-cutting! Thinning-operation! Not clearing a whole forest! You got to know what the equipment purpose is. And for thinning operation, in tight places, there isn't any better than this, FOR THE SAME PRICE! A not dedicated machine, but a tractor!
periesicsd : I watched a few of your videos, of that VALMET... and i was right, you are talking about clear-cutting. About land-clearing. Don't compare that with this operation, please.
ValtraVideos : @FlipSantos1: Valtra tractors are a cost-efficient alternative for small and part-time forest operations. They are used in tasks such as thinning, skidding, wood chipping and soil preparation (crushing), but do not compete with heavy-duty forest machines. I am sorry to read about your negative experience with Valtra. I trust your Valtra dealer is working on a solution with you. Btw, please respect community netiquette and refrain from using strong language.
rodrigo alves pinto : gostei
periesicsd : So, should we buy Portuguese machines than?! Valtra breaking down?! That's a lie what you are telling, and you know it. Don't be jealous when you can't afford it.
Lauri N : 0:13 -0:15 ammattilaisen ottein!