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Jolanta Olchowicz : that looks so painful :( 
Samantha Wider : Good girl Fifi! You did good.
Neil Thomas : Thankyou for watching and taking time to leave a coment
brianfleming43 : Porn for dogs dude stop saying good girl
Neil Thomas : Sarashitzu. Thanks foor your comment. We gave her fish which she ate plenty, we tried other foods, like mince beef, she didnt like that cooked or raw, we alway had Chicken stripped off the bone, again she ate quite alot of that, we let her have milk she would only drink water, we gave her pet supliments, ie vitamins and protien, we still see 4 of the pups, 1 went down to Derby from here and they dont do facebook, but we have heard from them and the boy they took is doing fine,
Starsonedge : Awe, she sounds like she's in so much pain. Never heard a shih-tzu make that noise! She did well!
midnight24babe : i think you did a fantastic job, this was her first litter and first pup that came out she obviously was scared and needed the extra help if she had a second litter she probably wouldnt need the help weldone
joshntn37111 : Just shut your dumbass up. Like you know anything at all. The only thing you know is that you are ugly as sin because if you weren't you would have a photo. Go comment on something else idiot that guy was just trying to comfort the puppy you asshole.