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Christi Lockridge : How many pups were there?
Gicelle LIlly : AW this Puppy's r adorable:) how old do they have to b to have puppy's???
bazza b : I'm getting a shih tzu within 2 weeks I'm so exited it will be my first dog his name is fergie
Patrick Rizoee Abenir : Tan'x for sharing adorable. ;)
Maggie Barros : Awhh my dog is called fifi and she's pregnant 
Tahirah Brooks : Good girl Fifi! I know birth hurts an it's hard but she was very brave:) And she did it! 😘😄
Justin Horvath : She was really brave and you helped her we'll
Wizzy Leteey : My dog is having her first litter soon! Any tips