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Maggie Barros : Awhh my dog is called fifi and she's pregnant 
Tahirah Brooks : Good girl Fifi! I know birth hurts an it's hard but she was very brave:) And she did it! 😘😄
Justin Horvath : She was really brave and you helped her we'll
Wizzy Leteey : My dog is having her first litter soon! Any tips
Christi Lockridge : How many pups were there?
Ashley Drew : She don't like him touching her she gets mad
Ivory M : oh, just amazing, our little girl Sofie had her first litter last April and had four beautiful puppies, and she's due again in August this year... this was a great vid to see that their are others out there who take an active role in looking after our little princesses :D
Alex A. : Hi from the Philippines! Our Shih Tzu gave birth last April 4 and just like your Fifi, it was her first litter. It was also our first time to assist in delivering puppies. Coming back to this video today to thank you. My family learned a lot from watching your videos. I must've watched this video 10 times! Thank you so much for posting them. It really helped us a lot. We now have 5 beautiful and most importantly, healthy puppies. Hope Fifi and the other pups are doing well!