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J.A BWOY : Wow looking at the comments from these African Americans you guys are really brainwashed thinking you come from America white people must have really fucked you guys up WOW smh
Biko : I know so many progressive African Americans and we call them Pan -Africans we call them Africans, BLACK. You Negroes or Niggers, Nigga ( as you call yourselves) who comment here are of a different breed. You are the evidence of what white supremacy can do to you. You have no education you can't even properly write the language of your master, yet you are taught to believe, that if it were not for slavery you would not have all this hoods. Look at you Negroes now!. we were the gods, you morons! There are no evidence of "white Pharaohs". you are denied any self respect or self knowledge, You are generation X!.
jae millz : +boy14395 please view and tell me your opinion i have experience this first hand u better be proud to be American our motherland
TheIndigenous1 : The africans don't claim you, because you are not them. That transatlantic slave story is stupid at best, American don't question or think much.
DAVA653 : I love how they somehow forget to mention most slaves were sold into slavery by other blacks. Also, if anything, this just shows how luck these Americans are to have had their ancestors taken as slaves.
Aero HOSTALE : I have a theory of why these African born people aren't treating the repatriates like one of their own. I know for sure that not all people of West African descent ancestors were from West Africa. There were Blacks in Israel in ancient times who fled the Romans from being enslaved by the Romans and those Black tribes in Israel fled throughout parts of Africa including West Africa. There have been many Black Americans who have Israelite bloodlines. Research it yourself. People migrate or flee so just because a person has dark skin like Africans doesn't necessarily mean they derived from West African tribes. Anyway, it is also a fact that MANY West Africans have sold people from certain tribes to the Europeans. Africans know who Black Americans are which is why they treat them differently. Black Americans do not have a pure bloodline, trust me. Africans don't look like at South American Blacks, N. American Blacks, and the Caribbean Blacks as the same as Africans because these people and their ancestors never had a pure African bloodline. On the walls of Kemet, those ancestors prophecied what would happen to what is today called Black Americans. God's people would be scattered throughout all four corners of the earth and be enslaved by their enemies. Black Americans who migrated "back" to West Africa, please take the not so warm welcoming from the natives there with a grain of salt. Technically for them, you really are foreigners as their parents know your bloodline and their parents parents know your bloodlines. You are going to be strange to them. 
Empire Washitaw : at least 3,000 Americans (so-called Indians) are known to have been shipped to Europe between 1493 and 1501 (the Columbus Expeditions), with the likely total being possibly double that. Most were sent to the Seville area, where they seem to show up in the slave markets as Negroes.
oyinkansola Agbaje : Ghanians know the history of African Americans, but they aren't about to pity you. What do you except them to do? If anybody knows Africans they know that Africans don't pity anyone LOL