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African Americans Repatriate to Ghana (part 1)

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African Americans Repatriate to Ghana (part 1)

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J.A BWOY : Wow looking at the comments from these African Americans you guys are really brainwashed thinking you come from America white people must have really fucked you guys up WOW smh
Judah Natzarah : the whiteman didnt come n2 africa. Africans sold our ppl as slaves to them! And if our ppl try and go back n mass numbers.. We going n2 slavery again. This time as a free labor force in Africa. U negroes better wake up! U dont see any Ghanians there wid these negroes do u? HELL NO!! THEY KNOW DAMN WELL THE HISTORY OF WHAT HAPPENED. THE SAD NEGRO IS DELUSIONAL!!
Eibon phoenix : This seems like more of a effort to glorify European conquest tbh
Jay Double Gee : but they are americans, skin color doesnt change that. Perhaps africa is the continent of their ancestors, but their homeland remains america. the whole thing is just pointless.
Mega Drive : WOW, this documentary is so FUCKING BIASED. Typical misleading European documentary. They say people from Ghana don't want to accept them ! LOL what a joke ! But those people they were talking too are like some of the poorest people in the country(tho ones who sell in the market). They don't know a damn thing about African American. They are not even educated and they're just trying to survive and those are the people that you put in your documentary ? Oh my GOD !
Stanley Dougé : unlike African Americans I have a country it's called Haiti what happened in the past is the past Haiti has its problems but it's home I don't consider myself African i'm haitian my ancestors have been on the island 5 centuries and I look to go back one day and contribute my knowledge to those back home 
brian hawkins : As a white American I would like to see more angry narcissistic black Americans go back to Africa to live forever 
Jonathan Hill : MOST OF Comments below are biased. There is nothing wrong with retracing our history. If we choose to stay...than that is our freakin perrogative. Don't tell me what I should do and think when I was clearly robbed of my history. Truth be told many of us may have never ever came from Ghana but from various other parts of Africa. Also it is important the vast diaspora in the America;s and elsewhere.i.e. just look at Brazil(thats why it gets me when black folks here in the states dont understand that Football is truly a world sport, thats another story) . Consider the diaspora. Im not saying that I have don't identity in The United States of America( I was a damn United States Marine. infantry at that) or Im not saying one doesn't have a HAITIAN identity or a Jamaican identity and so on.....And as far as the person below me speaking on the disconnect btw Africans and those in the America's...how in the hell could you not understand that Colonialism and the aspiration for economic and global conquest does not have a direct correlation with that! You people are wilding out. ......there is nothing wrong with going back to Africa. Now I would like to see us rebuild our economic wealth and resources in the continent and if we could do that from the States as Marcus Garvey and others have tried to do then fine. Nobody would think twice if my Marine buddy from New Jersey chose to go back to ITALY to connect with his ancestors and live there! I think this awareness starts with having a knowledge of our history and that is somehting ( and none of you can dispute me) that black people in the states have been robbed of in the classrooms and the boardroooms. Ghana would probably have one of the world's dominant football national teams if EVERYONE decided to go back. Lol! I do not mean to offend anyone...just speaking what has been in my heart. peace