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Idonigbo Obu : Obroni means stranger, not white, just that white people are considered strangers so this word is used for whites in Ghana, just like oyinbo means fair skin in Nigeria and can be used for whites but also can be used for light skinned Africans!!!!!
sophia lovey : Are homeland is and always will be Africa fools, we are a stolen people that's why they treat as such. Are features are not resemblance of Americans unless we make it as such please wake up. To you white mfers please don't reply to me your words are shit to me. Your so brazen to say forget but you mourn 9/11 please fuck off racist hypicrites
Mega Drive : WOW, this documentary is so FUCKING BIASED. Typical misleading European documentary. They say people from Ghana don't want to accept them ! LOL what a joke ! But those people they were talking too are like some of the poorest people in the country(tho ones who sell in the market). They don't know a damn thing about African American. They are not even educated and they're just trying to survive and those are the people that you put in your documentary ? Oh my GOD !
Jonathan Hill : MOST OF Comments below are biased. There is nothing wrong with retracing our history. If we choose to stay...than that is our freakin perrogative. Don't tell me what I should do and think when I was clearly robbed of my history. Truth be told many of us may have never ever came from Ghana but from various other parts of Africa. Also it is important the vast diaspora in the America;s and elsewhere.i.e. just look at Brazil(thats why it gets me when black folks here in the states dont understand that Football is truly a world sport, thats another story) . Consider the diaspora. Im not saying that I have don't identity in The United States of America( I was a damn United States Marine. infantry at that) or Im not saying one doesn't have a HAITIAN identity or a Jamaican identity and so on.....And as far as the person below me speaking on the disconnect btw Africans and those in the America' in the hell could you not understand that Colonialism and the aspiration for economic and global conquest does not have a direct correlation with that! You people are wilding out. ......there is nothing wrong with going back to Africa. Now I would like to see us rebuild our economic wealth and resources in the continent and if we could do that from the States as Marcus Garvey and others have tried to do then fine. Nobody would think twice if my Marine buddy from New Jersey chose to go back to ITALY to connect with his ancestors and live there! I think this awareness starts with having a knowledge of our history and that is somehting ( and none of you can dispute me) that black people in the states have been robbed of in the classrooms and the boardroooms. Ghana would probably have one of the world's dominant football national teams if EVERYONE decided to go back. Lol! I do not mean to offend anyone...just speaking what has been in my heart. peace
Jay Double Gee : but they are americans, skin color doesnt change that. Perhaps africa is the continent of their ancestors, but their homeland remains america. the whole thing is just pointless.
gobbleneck : White people are evil and wicked. That is their nature, they cannot help it. I just saw on yahoo news, they caught a Caucasian man who murdered his wife and 4 other people. Evil, Wicked. I'm glad they are going extinct. We will finally have peace without the devil. YAY!
ageniusx187 : african americans must understand that these people don't want negative baggage to be confronted right in their faces, what's happened 500 years ago. in certain (poor and/or rich) countries, some adoptees who were sold to foreign white western countries, when they come back, the mass people don't want have nothing to do with the adoptees coming back, especially when they have baggage. and that happened and still happens! although you can't compare slavery with adoption but both were not chosen to be sold out!
Jus Livin : the white man will always seek to seperate us from our people, this report is so racially bias, the reporter giggles demonstrate that. We as a people coming from the west should seek to understand our family of the continent before we condemn them especiually to white bastards who raped us, talking about teaching them hygiene, the way USA became so advanced in its infrastructure is through slave labour and unless you love the idea of using slave labour to advance a civilization is best to work with it and bring it up to par rather than speak. I am a british born African coming through the Caribbean but i must say the most disgusting character i know, is from black people in the west thinking they are somewhat more priviledge/ superior than other people blacks on the continent or in the caribbean, i see it too often and wish people who behave in this way a sharp end! Such condescending ignorant behavior is better condemn to the soil.