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African Americans Repatriate to Ghana (part 1)

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African Americans Repatriate to Ghana (part 1)

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Stanley Dougé : unlike African Americans I have a country it's called Haiti what happened in the past is the past Haiti has its problems but it's home I don't consider myself African i'm haitian my ancestors have been on the island 5 centuries and I look to go back one day and contribute my knowledge to those back home 
J.A BWOY : Wow looking at the comments from these African Americans you guys are really brainwashed thinking you come from America white people must have really fucked you guys up WOW smh
Jay Double Gee : but they are americans, skin color doesnt change that. Perhaps africa is the continent of their ancestors, but their homeland remains america. the whole thing is just pointless.
Maliha Daniels : You FOOLS, why are we fighting among ourselves? Where are we going with that? How are we supposed to grow if we're tearing each other down over a YouTube video? If ppl choose to return to Afrika, that is their OWN choices. We are so angry with the wrong ppl, the ones we should bear these feelings toward are the ppl responsible for the mass kidnapping and enslaving of our ancestors. It is better to bring money to my ancestor's home than continue to hash it over to a country that don't consider us as human. Do YOU think American will EVER want you? You are reclaiming your ANCESTOR'S pride. Stop the ignorance and hatred. If anyone chooses to remain in their master's land, THAT too is your choice. I personally am considering to leave as well, as I have come to understand that I live in a WHITE man's land who will rather see us DIE than become anything close to successful. Perhaps if we left, THAT would encourage the Natives to reclaim their OWN land and send those devils BACK to where they had come from. Stop interrogating one another, by doing so you are enslaving one another still. Let ppl be free where the likelihood of getting shot down in the street by white thugs is slim. For ONCE support each other and stop the bashing of the earth children....just STOP IT!!
jae millz : +boy14395 please view and tell me your opinion i have experience this first hand u better be proud to be American our motherland
DAVA653 : I love how they somehow forget to mention most slaves were sold into slavery by other blacks. Also, if anything, this just shows how luck these Americans are to have had their ancestors taken as slaves.
Stanley Dougé : ridiculous 
TheIndigenous1 : The africans don't claim you, because you are not them. That transatlantic slave story is stupid at best, American don't question or think much.