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Frederick May : I just want to fucking watch the movie, not a discussion about fucking jezus for GOD sake
IPC-MinistriesWorship Derrick-Carter : Awesome movie portraying Jesus just knowing he died for all our sins and we are redeemed through his blood that was shed on Calvary gives me life. I love how they added so much cinematic value to this movie. made it look real bc I sure in heck cried not bc of the movie just bc a Man gave up his life for me and the Joy I have and all he could say was FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!!! @ 8:54 Jesus 
Jack Crow : Only Jesus could take could take on the sin of the HOLE WORLD.
jayman63607 : i just realized we are all children of god,but jesus is LITERALLY god's child
Andrew Lozano : Anna Cannon First of all why are you watching a movie titled the Christ in the first place Second, sorry if people try to save you 
Gerardo David Martinez : I love it
D Anthony : We need a movie about some real pain this ain't cuttin it. Forget this.
Miguel Jimenez : All because of Jews and the Romans