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C E Mason : Ya know I had a soul comment that males and females don't mate Where did this ever come from I really don't understand Please you out there in TV land tell how do we survive I mean any of use i mean this is worse then ten thousand nuclear bombs IF we as male and female don't mate wow I hate to think of the future what we have test tube babies? how long will it be before there is no one, to birth a child one ,two,, three generation And where is creation in all this , ideas of thinking Of what distruction Just a question I ask myself From time to time When i read and hear of the turmoil with the defining of what it is to be Male and Female How is a youth to understand when all, they see is confusion How can any social structure endure such a contradiction in stateMENT iF WE AS MAN BETRAY THIS ORDER WOW YA KNOW I THINK OF WHAT ADAM thought of just about two second after he heard from his dear mate shit ya know this really surprised him But in spit of of our selves what ever me and my old lady do we do it together it might be wrong it might be even weird to some but in spit of our selves we will do it together My dear brothers and sisters I'll tell you this There is nothing else , but you and I that it Just you and I CE Mason That all
vicki parsons : Hey Nancy...Got to love the
David Payton : Just came across this. To Damn cute! lol
PacificBanjo : Thanks for the great comments!
Elli mtartslover : Cry every time :')
Nicholas Peters : photo montage videos usually suck. usually. (not this one)
biggestkkfan : LOL great song, your pics made me laugh too. Thanks for uploading.