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Chris Walker : *It's Like A Modern Day Jackson (minus the infidelity)* A dirty little country love song that Pandora decided to whip today from an album called "Cool As Folk." Man, I love Pandora. I wish Nashville had a bluegrass station this good. These people annoy the crap out of each other, but there's still love there. Aw hell, let's play it again. She don't like her eggs all runny. She thinks crossing her legs is funny. She looks down her nose at money. She gets it on like the Easter Bunny. She's my baby. I'm her honey. I'm never going to let her go. In Spite Of Ourselves - John Prine, Iris DeMent
Barrett Hollis : My fiancé and I wanted this to be the first song we dance to at the wedding but then we decided that parts of it are a little inappropriate. It's too bad, we really like it. 
RIDETHESUNSHINE : "The Heart wants, what it wants." -- Emily Dickerson Thank You "Pacific Banjo," for posting this video. Your video makes a convincing argument for both extremes of the good, and bad of Miss Dickerson's thought, and that is talent!!! Please don't go into politics. Be Well, Will
Scott Taylor : Mine and my wifes theme song
mike2008alberta : reminds me of chip taylor and carrie rodriguez...
Pamela Ridings : I sure miss you Tom Gillett I,m still your honey even though your in Heaven ...
Tonya Cinnamon : Shared this on my Facebook..n yeah it's an acquired taste but I like it..bittersweet.
wallyman1948 : true life music for grown ups