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About the game:

If only the same could be said for constructing a team, which again, is the crux of the experience. When the game was in soft launch, it used a system of different situational lineups — small ball, defensive, shooting, etc. — with several spots where special players could be swapped in to provide bonuses. It allowed you to surround your stars with role players suited for specific purposes, which is more or less how successful real life teams are built.

For some reason, EA decided to go even further for the wide launch. Now every player can only be slotted into one of your five lineups. Instead of needing to collect around 15 players to have a team with no glaring deficiencies, you now need 25 of them. Also, I pity the phone of the person who manages to acquire, say, a Stephen Curry card and learns he can only use the two-time reigning MVP 20 percent of the time.

It’s true that structuring team rosters this way makes for more collecting opportunities, and there’s no question that it turns an NBA game into a team-building exercise on par with Madden. It’s just silly in the way it doesn’t mirror real life at all, and while it doesn’t seem to be hurting its acceptance — this game shot right to the top of the App Store charts and has a four-star rating at the time of this review — one can’t help but wonder if the game would have been more fun if the devs had just left things the way they were.

If it doesn’t bother you that you’ll need to assemble the basketball equivalent of a small army, it's is good fun, and unquestionably the best free NBA game on mobile right now. Hopefully future updates make it even better, even if it’s just revisiting that one move that’s hard to fathom.


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