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Brian Delacruz : Just listen to it to train your brain to get used to the frequencies, then go to sleep in bed and try out some techniques.
Afonso Alves :
Carlos Eduardo da Cruz Gomes :
Carlos Eduardo da Cruz Gomes :
chris clark : how is anything youve said been about astral projection if you wanna chat shit why dont you go on a social networking websight??.. people like to read these sections to check up on the experiences off others instead they find you writing aload of cod shit about absolute childminded nonsence.
The91jesus : Really? interesting stuff. I actually started to listen to bi-iso beats again now im just starting to get headaches maybe this is the reason why. Also a few years ago i almost achieved a Projection but in the middle of the vibrations i opened my eyes and what do i see!? Shadows and here voices oh and not to mention i was pinned down and couldnt move. Freaky Crazy stuff.
AudioEntrainment : All of the the info more carefully... the first part tells you that 4 different binaurals are played in 15 minute intervals and also there are 3 isochronic frequencies played for 10 minutes and looped twice. Hope this helps! :)
Randall Boughton : Relax: Remember your training.