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Tyler Wade : it is man the same thing happens when your on dmt its absolutley true your body does not need as much oxygen when you fall asleep your breathing becomes shallow it still needs oxygen but the intake is slightly less and more calm
Ryan Pippin : Still waiting on that remix @ Samuel Belay...
semitar6 : I notice my breathing stops frequently when you enter a deep trancelike state. If you start ignoring it, you will notice that you will begin breathing again. Your body requires less oxygen in a trance state, or at least is my experience.
aryandjavy1 : HEY! I was listening around first 10 minutes and I noted my breathing was stopping. It is normal, isn't?
Brian Delacruz : Just listen to it to train your brain to get used to the frequencies, then go to sleep in bed and try out some techniques.
Chels T : It's normal brotha! ignore it and get through.. :)
Chels T : it's important to him so bud out
Dwatt Mckinney : How many hours does it take listening to this video,to have a OBE ?