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mnanaukk dz : Guess What? I did this in a street fight and it WORKED! The guy was bigger than me and he did not AT ALL expect I wass going to roll him ! He was super confused on the ground and EXACTLY like you said he pulled my head and I did what you said, I got him in an ARMLOCK but I did not want to snap his arm, IMAGINE he just said fuck you faggot and he disapeared ! He was looking at his arm, maybe it was broken I do not know but he was like super choked!!!!!!!! Thank you Stephan! But I have to say something to not to missinforme people here, i have martial arts background and it helped me so much, I think if you will do this technique without knowing what's is a side controle he will escape...
Jiří F. : Why is so necessary go on the ground with the opponent in situation, when you can grab groins a make that guy sing sopran???
scott marlow : One thing to add is that to make sure you spin in one complete motion so you can end up in side mount, if required. . Do not start and stop
SurveyofFilmMusic : Stephan, great vids...all of them! Respectfully,. Classic JJ, at least from the Helio branch (I train at the Valente Brothers/Miami), we don't do a "sawing," nor a grinding monition with the forearm whatsoever. It is a slightly forward, but primarily downward (paper cutter-like) motion with the blade. Beginners make the mistake of using their back to pull up against the lock, but that's incorrect. One uses their weight entirely on the blade, which transfers to the neck. The arms pops up every time!
TruNikkaz : Awesome video. I have a book of Royler and Renzo Gracie with this defense. But you give a lot more insight and theory than the book, which was just more step 1 2 and 3 etc. Also, headlocks in a street fight aren't good bc I saw a boy get slammed straight on his head from that position. The guy just picked hip up over his shoulder and fell backwards
Shniggit : I no longer recommend any type of hand strikes to the head on the ground. One friend broke her hand badly this way when the opponent moved and her fist struck the concrete. This is very likely considering that you opponent will be trying to buck you off while you throw punches. Another friend lacerated his palm on the attackers teeth so severely that he needed to go to the hospital and it got infected, which could have given him a deadly std. Short, controlled elbows or carefully placed headbutts are the only strikes I would recommend from the mount in a street situation.
tokr72 : I find your vids to be excellent and informative demos. Teaching this stuff is definitely your calling Stephan Kesting. You're a great ambassador for the art. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the knowledge.
MrBeckett74 : awesome, subbed